First Official Letter!

1 The famous MTC map pic!  Ooora for Argentina!!!!

This is my first REAL letter. There is hardly time to email.

2 My district of 5 elders!
3 My companions Elder Hawks on left and Elder Bennett on right.
4 Basically my “FIRST DAYYYYYY!!’ photo

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it here!  I am learning, learning and it’s go-go-go.  I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to see “Elder Orme” on a name badge that was mine!  I felt such a rush of honor and esteem when I put it on!  I felt like the REAL DEAL.  Official.  I am a servant and representative of our Lord Jesus Christ.

5 walking to breakfast!
6 The other new district that is in my branch!  Hermana Breanna Calder front left.
7 Homies

4 We have a man-made river next to our classroom.  It’s really sweet!  We walk on it all the time for the adrenaline of whether it will crack through or not.  There’s a lamp post next to it and it’s totally Narnia!
5 Reagan and I at our first Sunday devotional!

My companions are cool!  We are a “trio” companionship.  Elder Hawks and Elder Bennett both from Utah and both going to Rosario also.  For those who don’t know because I never knew!!  It goes Branch –> Zone–> District. 30 peeps in the Branch (with presidency). 1 zone…4 districts.  Hermana (“Sister”) Breanna Calder from home is in my Branch!  Who’d a thunk!? I am District Leader of my itty-bitty district haha.  I lead certain things and am responsible for my district in a way.  The best part is getting the mail for my district!  Mail Time!!!!  We LOVE MAIL TIME.  Give them to us haha.  Really, the DearElders and other letters are awesome so thanks so much!  I give a shout out (like Elder Scott Baylon) for people who send me things!

1 District at lunch
2 Reagan and I on Christmas!

I’m not on the “Main Campus” of the MTC (“Missionary Training Center”).  All spanish speakers are on “West Campus.”  We took over apartment complexes and turned them into classrooms because there’s so many of us!  It’s cool!  So fun seeing my amazing Korean Sista once in a while!!!!

I’m 20 years old!  Holy cow!!!  What the???  I’m so proud of how my parents raised me!

I’m lovin it!  I love and miss my friends and family!

God bless!!! (Spiritual stuff will come)

Loves and Hasta Luego!!!!!

-Elder Creed Orme


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