There’s always a way to change everyday

Hola mi familia y amigos!

Hey…I miss seeing your faces and talking/hanging out with you all for hours!  I love seeing the pictures you send and how your lives are going.

Week 2 DOWN at the MTC.  My spanish gets better and better everyday…I try not to get frustrated when I can’t say what I really could in english!  All I want to say would be SO EASY in english hahaha, that’s a blessing of going to an English speaking mission. But I know that I can’t expect to master it so fast so I’m probably doing very well with it. I thank Heavenly Father every night for blessing me with learning and retaining spanish.  Lessons with “practice” investigators go pretty well.  The biggest thing I’m trying to learn for those lessons right now is what are the right questions to ask so that the investigator can learn for themselves and ponder what the spirit tells them. That way I’m only a guide to help them come closer to Christ and THEY do all the thinking and learning which is the best way for one’s self to learn and especially to be converted by the spirit.

This was a slightly difficult week with my companion…I only have 1 now, Elder Bennett.  He’s really good in the lessons by bringing a good spirit, understands a lot of spanish and talks with an awesome accent so there’s no problem in there.  He’s really good at origami haha :) But we were able to have a super good talk last night in our “companionship inventory” and were able to clear things up and SET EXPECTATIONS like Graham said to do!  So….going forward with faith and loving him!

One thing for all ya’ll…Please pray for your own sake.  When I pray to Heavenly Father as if he were standing before me and laying everything out on the table, revealing all your thoughts and being totally honest, he gives you peace.  Another thing…please don’t let ANY hurtful word, thought, or action from anyone affect you!  PLEASE DON’T.  EVERY ONE, EVERY ONE, and YOU deserves the utmost love and respect.  Do NOT have fear.  Have COURAGE!  God and Jesus Christ don’t want you to waste ONE millisecond of thought or time to let other people’s dumb acts work against you.  We are all children of God, we all make mistakes, we all need to learn, we all need to let go of things.  Don’t get mad at people!  Just LOVE.  You will regret every single moment that you were angry at someone or something and regret every moment that you wasted entertaining the thought that you aren’t good enough.  Be BRAVE!  One thing that I wish everybody could naturally have is self-confidence.  Confidence is something I didn’t have much of as a kid and it’s a characteristic I feel like I’m continuing to work on.  But I wish and pray that every person will have their own humble confidence.  We are to embody Christ’s characteristics right? Yes. And he had supreme confidence.  There are many times we aren’t fully confident in decisions but I hope EVERY ONE can be self-confident.  Knowing that God has COMPLETE confidence in you.  He knows you will make mistakes, he knows that your decisions won’t always be correct.  But he has complete confidence that you can endure the trials of this life and overcome and be triumphant.  He didn’t send us here to fail…he sent us here to win.  And the only winning we need to do is over the bad.  That is it.  Over all, win over the bad, over and over again.  Satan is real and ANY hurtful or bad thought, guilt or shame comes from him.  It will be hard, salvation is not easy because it was never easy for Him who suffered for us…Jesus Christ.  There is joy in righteous doing.  Be KIND. Please be kind.  We have so much power to hurt other people.  But if we do everything through kindness, that’s a pretty sure fire way to make things good.  Don’t take offense…learn from your mistakes!  But don’t take offense.  And other people shouldn’t take offense either, but if they do…that’s for them to decide and you have to let it go.

Life is kind of a lot to handle!  But oohhhhhhhh man….what an adventure it is.  Our lives are straight out of any fiction book there is! There wouldn’t be any joy if there weren’t sorrow, no peace if there wasn’t confusion. Ying and Yang people…it’s real.

I hope you all were able to have an enjoyable New Year!  Start today to make changes if needs be and tell your loved ones how much you love them.  And lay a huge one on them too!  Yayess!  Please email me at with your stories, laughs and stormy nights, and pictures.

Love to you all!  Shout out to Family Ward and Singles Ward!

-Elder Orme
“Captain E.O.”


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