Entender (to understand)

Hola mi familia gloriosa!!

I love you all!

This week was fine. The work isn´t moving as fast as I´d like! I´m doing my best where I am! Serving the Lord to the best of my abilities. I continue to practice methods with the people, increase my spanish, obedient, and being bold with the Spirit of the Lord.

A pic of a fantastic sister, Antonella! Fantastic! ;D she´s going on a mission to Brazil in 15 days.
The hardest part is not to understand the people still. I´m speaking and reading pretty well. It´s solo the understanding part! From there I´m at the will of Elder Holloway who I´m very grateful who understands most everything. I know God will help me as I continue to put forth the work and do my best with the wisdom I have at this moment and I as continue to increase it!

I just got online and will be looking at all your emails now…thank you so much! Love you all with all my heart! Love God!

-Your brother, son, friend Elder Orme!
Sorry…the computers i´ve been using recently have had trouble uploading photos…so stay tuned for more in the future!



Hey howdeedoo and an Hola to you

hello fam,

Hey…I just love you all! You are the best! I tell people all the time why this Gospel is such a blessing. I tell them of my family and that ya´ll are perfect! I like to brag about you…but you know…with the spirit :)

Like I told Derek…I can´t wait to lead! I can´t wait to take hold of the reins and stretch my wings. The other day we had divisions and I lead the area and I got a taste of leading and it was big and juicy!

The 23-ish aged girls we had a first lesson with have told us through text that they aren´t interested in more lessons. We will see about that! :) We will check up on them in a little bit.
Maria Garcia is still going well…a very smooth investigator.
The others we have plans to get a date for baptism.

Thank you mom for your companion advice…it is well taken. I hope my last email shed more light on E. Holloway. We wouldn´t be friends outside of the mission but I´m serving and loving him the way I know how.

The amazing St. Brian! What a stud. wonderful news to hear he keeps going to church.

Funny information about Lindsey Sterling, Mom. I wish Maria Dance has success such as her!
Mom, it is pretty safe to send things. Be careful with stuff tho…it may or may not get stolen. It all depends on who ends up handling the stuff. No food can be sent. Sis. Bingham or Andrews might be able to help you out because of their children that went to Argentina.

Address to send things:

Mision Argentina Rosario

Love you all!


Peace I leave with you!

All I can say is how happy I am that Korea is so splendid for you!  How SaWEEEEET! You and your companion´s plans sound very cool!  I hope you are seeing the good fruits from those labors.  Cool dish story! May God bless you with the less-actives and everything else!

Dad!  Baptizing machine is the idea!  We are working and striving for big goals (our ward goal is 2 baptisms a month.  The mission goal is 1 per week!  “Holy frickin dahh!” Ha so we are really working for that!)  Right now we really only have 1 progressing investigator with a baptismal date and that is Maria de Carmen Garcia for the 12th of April.  Our other investigators are having trouble keeping commitments.  We are working to improve our teaching skills and deliveries of our message to help investigators to keep commitments.
Luckily, nothing has progressed with that one young woman who likes me for my eyes!  Like you said, Latinos like the blue!  People say…”ohhh me encanta sus hojos celestiales.”  I have you and mom to thank for that!
Your first impressions of the mission experience…I´m sorry for the revolting hassle of your first companions!  What a trip!  It´s funny to me that we still use the same lingo you used…”trunky.”  But thank you for sharing your experience with me.  There´s something very special from the stories of others, especially from you!  I´m grateful you kept your commitment to God and the example you showed and continue to show.
I´m am very blessed to have a companion who works hard!  I still don´t know what I´ll do if (or when :(  I get a companion who doesn´t do nada.  At least I have my own conscience and the strength of the Lord to help!
Such good news for St.Brian!  Member friends are very critical and YOU and MOM are exactly that for Brian! Awesome!
Sorry last week was rough for you.  I pray for your health and more everyday!  You´re the best!
Hey, how are the Kifa´s doing??

Once again. this is our pension.  It´s new and nice!

My bed when I arrived.. the mattress is new!

In the backyard with the Bishop Rocolano and Hermana Rocolano.  As a missionary I never know how to situate myself in pictures since I can´t put arms around woman-folk!

Mom, the young people here usually in fact look older than they are.  That is at least true for the woman-folk.  It´s probably due to their immodest apparel…nada!
Thank you for your stories ma.  There IS a happy medium. As for your testimony of José Smith solidifying in a lesson…cool.  I´m grateful for your strength to carve the way for yourself without knowing too much of the mission life.
My companion!  Whom I haven´t been too clear about!: We are different.  Which is fine!  He´s huge into baseball and was a big player.  He´s confident and a little short on temper sometimes!  He didn´t have the bestest of types of friends in high school in Idaho (he went to Utah Valley University for a year) and was pretty inactive before his mission.  His mom is steadfast for his family and helped him a lot!  He baptized his father and their family were sealed in the temple with his 2 member sisters!  He loves his family and they love him.  The best part is that he gained a testimony by finally putting into practice the things of the Gospel which has propelled him to work hard since!  It is an honor to work with him!  So I´m happy with my companion!  We had a little talk about some “rock/alternative” hymns he played and since then he hasn´t played those and the Spirit is more present in our pension and our relationship has strengthened! Who knew that obeying mission rules was a good thing!….haha obvi. I beleive I´m following him well and submitting to his knowledge and decisions while still observing and boldy doing the things that I´ve been taught by the Spirit and in the MTC.
Cool!  Kat and Maria visits!  Those are the best!  Jonnnnnny, say what!! Congratulations on Florida!!
How´s Guy Baxter?  How´s our good lady-friend from the temple that came to our farewell talks and all?  (can´t believe I can´t remember her name.)

As for my scripture to put on my plaque…and possibly my favorite iiiiiisssss….duuuuuuuun…JOHN 14:27. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.   Cousin Shannon Powell used the same one.  The basis of the Gospel is peace in this life.  And peace is the best!  It´s easiest and most fulfilling in our lives when we have peace as our foundation to then grow from it and be happy, joyful, and full of love for ourselves and other people when we abide by the Gospel´s precepts.  The Gospel Peace!  The knowledge that we are all sons and daughters of a Heavenly King!
As for the picture,,,I like the my facebook profile one or another that ya´ll think is ¨fahine.”

One rainy day a while back.

SAM_8802  SAM_8812 SAM_8813 SAM_8809 SAM_8810 SAM_8811
Thank you for your story as well!  Your experience with you first companion seems pretty smiliar to mine.  Thank you for your example and studness, brother!  It´s so fun reading your past experiences and ganing strength from that!  Direct and bold is the way to do it!  And I´m always practing to be friends with my companion.  Thanks for your honesty!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Thank you for you!  I love you!

Excitedly waiting for first impressions of the Mish from Carson, Graham, and Kat.

Send me pics of our family!
Love you all!

-Elder Orme