1st Transfer…Done!

Thank you to those who sent your mission stories and other emails for this week.  I printed them off and will be reading them.

EYYYY!  My first transfer is finished!  It went by fast!  There are improvements to be made and more lives to bless and save!  I´m excited for this new start and to be an even better servant of the Lord with the goals I have for this transfer!  Some goals are:  To be smart. Just like that. :) Answer my own questions and think outside the box and norm for examples. Think: ¨What´s most important right now?”  And to be BOLD. Always to be BOLD. Satan and his angels are already too loud so we need to be loud as well!

1 The battle-whip that the Grandma of the Pay family uses to threaten the kids!  Holy COW! I bet she´s used it before too.

2 In the Pay house…Franco and Juani amongst brothers.

3  Abuela Pay! (grandma pay)

4 Ismael Pay is the best! We love him! Such a stud!  He comes with us to MUCHAS appointments. We don´t have many to use in Empalme. Most members live in Villa the sister city.  For now.

5 Ismael!

My castellano is still coming…I´m studying like a maniac. I contribute to church discussions which is a plus! It´s still hard when people ask me a question and I´m like ¨Huh??” and they say…”No entiende.” …..great.  Ha but I know it will still come…as long as I open my mouth and keep studying!

We were contacting this week and we saw two young ladies…23ishes or so…sitting in the shade in a little tranquil area.  They were open to hear our message right then and there!!!  So we said, “Great!!!!” perhaps a little too excitedly and sat on the ground with them and taught them the first lesson.  They are both smart and very capable people and humble! They sound good right!?? We think so too.  They gladly agreed to hear the second lesson.  One of the frequent cool stories that happen!  Sorry…might not be very exciting for ya´ll….no action, no perros, no visions, no nada…but someone accepting to hear the true word of God is a completely exciting deal for us!  And for God and His angels! And for them!  It´s the most important thing to happen to them!

Anyway…that´s my big story for the week.

6, 7, 8, 9 For MOM! Because I was a bad son and forgot her birthday (the day I left to Argentina). I love you MOM! You are AMAZING!




We can do more as a companionship!  It´s hard when I feel like my companion doesn´t have the faith to do the bold things that will improve the work but I hope we can do much more together this transfer.  He and I have different interests but we should have the same interests when it comes to the Lord´s work.  We will be doing great things this transfer!  I am praying for all those that I have been told to pray for…Guy Baxter, St. Brian, and all else, my family and friends siempre (“always”).

Hey…Love you all!
-Elder Orme


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