“Que cosa che”


The Bishop´s wife says “Que cosa, che” a TON which more or less means “what thing, guy”. Used in many instances for “wow”. :)

I have a new companion! Let´s get to know him….
Elder Fish! He´s from Richmond, Kentucky. He went to BYU for 1 year, the same time as me…but has been on the mission for 10 months. His roommate at BYU was one of my great friends from Folk Dance and working at the Cannon Center, Jacob MacMichael!

New comps

My comp has cool glasses

Elder Fish is a fantastic missionary! I´m very excited to work with him for this whole transfer and I hope more! He is the District Leader and senor companion. I want to say it again….a GREAT MISIONARY! Already together we´ve recieved 8 new investigators in 4 days, 2 of which have a baptismal date, have many appointments set up for this next week due to our contacting (tracting), have lots of ideas to spice up the missionary work in the ward, reactivate the less-actives, and make miracles.

Despite what my shirt says, the food here isn´t THAT fattening. We are making milanesa (breaded meat) sandwiches with eggs and other healthy munches. Last night I cooked up some type of pumpkin, that was good! I´m eating healthy ma! I forgot to tell you too, I´ve been flossing every night since I began at the MTC! Your boy is changing!!

Even though I can get by with the spanish I still faulter on most of it. My companion, similar to Elder Holloway looks at me many times when I say something that says, “HUH? What are you trying to say?” But I´m not going to worry about that. Just work and let the faith and miracles happen.

Writing down plans

We made jello and put kiwi and whip cream in the center!


Our new investigators with a baptismal date are Juan Pablo and Grecia. They have a 1 year old daughter. We contacted them about 2 weeks ago. We were able to set up an appointment with them and they invited us in, probably not knowing exactly why they were, but out of the softness of their hearts, they listened to our message. We have another confirmed appointment with them tonight.

Maria Garcia is doing well! All bright and happy with the event of her baptism! She had to leave this week for a different province where her ill father lives to visit him. Her mom is a less-active who lives close by. Maria says her mother will begin going to church with her again, and the mother has happiliy confirmed this too!

The stake plan is to open up a branch in Empalme soon. Because there are enough less-actives that we can re-activate and active members in the area so as to have its own Church meetings. The idea is also to help those who have trouble paying to travel to sister-city Villa Constitucion for church every Sunday. We will get it going! I feel confident with Elder Fish that we will do it.

Love you all!

-Elder Orme


3rd Transfer and New Companion!

Hello hello hello,

Before I forget….no, packages cannot be sent to us. No packages will make it! Argentina changed some policies and we missionaries have been told that we cannot recieve any packages. Letters yes. I hope there isn´t one being shipped right now :0

Today is transfer day! We find out who our new companions are. The email hasn´t been sent yet but probably while I´m emailing we will find out! I´m sitting here in a cyber with 7 other elders and sisters we are all anxiously awaiting the news. We already know that my companion, Elder Holloway, has been called to be a zone leader elsewhere. I´m very proud of him! I´m most likely staying in Empalme!

IMG_1265 IMG_1269 IMG_1275

This past week we had a baptism of Maria Garcia. She´s a sweet woman with the one child of Maximo. She has been a very smooth investigator. She had no problems from the start, totally smooth with everything. She doesn´t have a gift of smarts because of lack of schooling, and therefore, hard for her to grasp the basic concepts of the Gospel; but she has a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and of the Book of Mormon and that this is His established church. Very happy we are for her! We will continue to teach her a lot.

IMG_1285 IMG_1286 IMG_1288 IMG_1290

Just found out who my new companion is!!! Elder Fish! Elder Holloway just told me that Elder Fish was his companion in the MTC. Another yankee! (they call all the Americans here “yankees” but prounounced “shaunkees”) It´s what the Lord wants. I did hope for a Latino for the language but this is best! We will make miracles happen! I will still be in Empalme, he will be the senor comp and also the district leader. SO pumped to work with another district leader, whoo!

IMG_1337 IMG_1339 IMG_1341

I´ve been learning to love people more for WHO they are…”warts and all.” Faults and all. In the past I´ve let faults get in the way of my loving a person. I for sure know that I´m not a tad close to perfection, I just strive for it because that´s what the Lord asks. I think in the past I´ve held people at high expectations, which isn´t a bad thing, but not to let it get in the way of your loving them. If I´m making sense…good. This is a characteristic I plan to improve now!

We had another asado last night with the other elders…whoo!

IMG_1328 IMG_1333 IMG_1335

This week starting was a little difficult. It´s difficult to turn contacts/callbacks into investigators, because there is no relationship between us, and very hard to show them how the restored gospel will bless their lives without knowing their needs/worries/questions. And normally you can´t get all that deep stuff out without a relationship that they know you love them. But I hope that as we continue to work…and now with the abilities my new companion will bring to the plate, we will find people that who will allow the gospel to change their lives.

IMG_1341  IMG_1311 IMG_1312 IMG_1319

I´m very proud of the work my companion, Elder Holloway, and I have done together and for his patience with me as a new elder. I hope I learned from him what I should have learned and that he learned from me. We are missionaries together. I love him and am grateful and proud of him!

Happy Easter! I love the Lord and He lives! We had some “huevos de pascua” Sunday with the some members.

IMG_1291 IMG_1300 IMG_1305

Onward and Upward!

Elder Orme

Knowing the Language is Cool

As the title indicates, now I can officially say that I am familiar with the language of Spanish! I know 2 languages!! Wooh Whoo! I have been able to understand and speak with confidence this past week and it has been such a pleasure. I can get my point across without much difficulty and understand without too much either. Thank you for the prayers because they work!


The is a road we travel on everyday.



The ward during a break of general conference.

This week also has been a great practice of faith. I was able to plan/lead mostly everything, as my companion put in his spiritual and personal inputs. The hardest thing is that with all the contacts we make…after we bear our testimonies and speak of the restoration with people, many times they say they are busy at the moment and can´t chat about, ¨but come back another time whenever you want!”….great….. The hard part is here because we go back to many people´s houses when we said we would and they aren´t home. We realize “come back later” is just a way to get us to leave, but some people might actually be sincere so we need to try them again….but it stinks wasting time. So that´s the pickle!! It was my first week leading so the skills will definitely come with practice.

The baptism of Maria Garcia is this Saturday! We don´t have any progressing investigators besides her. But we have some great callbacks and commitments to follow up on with investigators that we taught this past week. Like tonight, there´s a young man with a great family that we plan to teach. Faboricio (17) is his name and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to reading the beginning. Tonight we follow up on that. I feel SUPER good about him and his family. We will see what happens!



Thanks for all the prayers for they are answered! Prophets are the best and the restoration of the gospel is such a blessing.

Love Elder Orme