Knowing the Language is Cool

As the title indicates, now I can officially say that I am familiar with the language of Spanish! I know 2 languages!! Wooh Whoo! I have been able to understand and speak with confidence this past week and it has been such a pleasure. I can get my point across without much difficulty and understand without too much either. Thank you for the prayers because they work!


The is a road we travel on everyday.



The ward during a break of general conference.

This week also has been a great practice of faith. I was able to plan/lead mostly everything, as my companion put in his spiritual and personal inputs. The hardest thing is that with all the contacts we make…after we bear our testimonies and speak of the restoration with people, many times they say they are busy at the moment and can´t chat about, ¨but come back another time whenever you want!”….great….. The hard part is here because we go back to many people´s houses when we said we would and they aren´t home. We realize “come back later” is just a way to get us to leave, but some people might actually be sincere so we need to try them again….but it stinks wasting time. So that´s the pickle!! It was my first week leading so the skills will definitely come with practice.

The baptism of Maria Garcia is this Saturday! We don´t have any progressing investigators besides her. But we have some great callbacks and commitments to follow up on with investigators that we taught this past week. Like tonight, there´s a young man with a great family that we plan to teach. Faboricio (17) is his name and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to reading the beginning. Tonight we follow up on that. I feel SUPER good about him and his family. We will see what happens!



Thanks for all the prayers for they are answered! Prophets are the best and the restoration of the gospel is such a blessing.

Love Elder Orme




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