Press on enduring with Joy in the Journey!


We have been working a ton. Elder Fish knows how to be efficient. Days go by even faster now because we are doing more…WORK together. :) It´s good stuff! Maria Garcia is still happy from the baptism.

We had the BEST ward activity…a dance with food! We have some new investigators who came to the baptism of the their brother and now they have been attending ward activities. We hope to have Family Home Evening tonight with them. Anyway we had a dance which was a blast! Definitely tempted to kick out the groovy shoes! Wow was it a temptation!!!
There´s a lot of new investigators that we have and the hard thing is to keep up with all of them. Not let much time go by with additional contact. It´s hard not to let people slip through the cracks, especially the golden people! I will talk more in detail about certain people as we see them progressing. Right now we have a lot of “beginners” in the track to heaven so I´ll let you know next week how much they´ve progressed.
There was another beautiful, outrageous storm the other day. I believe lighting struck right next to our apartment. The power was out for most of the morning and so we boiled water on the stove to use for a shower by candlelight.


Thank for the family pic. People say our family picture looks like from a movie. We are soooooo blessed in the States! Some Elders are asking me about Reagan :D

We are doing well. Working hard. The Mission is difficult, because the agency of others is on the line. There are a lot of little things that fight missionary work. And it´s impossible to have everything perfect…impossible. But things not working out “perfectly” in our way of thinking is not how it will work anyway. We live in an imperfect world, with imperfect people, surroundings, and logistics. All God asks is our Best! Faith! Joy in the Journey of mortality! We are here to learn and learning we will do! But with Gratitude and Joy! Press on enduring with steadfast faith in Christ!


-Elder Orme, Captain EO


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