Well it was absolutely amazing to talk to you all yesterday. What a blessing!!!! So wonderful to see all your smiling faces and to hear your perfect voices! I’m excited to see CarsAnne next time. Hey…you family are EVERYTHING TO ME. Because God is the head of our family, we can experience this joy one with another, together, through anything in this life. All we do is keep looking UP! Just keep looking!! :D

I told you most everything that’s been going on. This week we have big plans to carry out. And they will carry out for the better so long as we let the Spirit be our guide and simply…work with humility! I’m far from perfect, and I’m working on that by letting the Holy Spirit be my guide!

Love you!

-Captain EO

1 The Elders

2 On the Collectivo again. I’m talking with Elder Bennett, a great Elder from Villa.

3 Sorry if you didn’t want to see this but, a dead cat!!!!!!!! I saw two the same day…you just see more of this type of thing here.


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