Bufanda means scarf. A member has lent me one and it does wondrous things against the cold.

‘ey look ma’! I´m making myself salads! Good stuff. The lettuce, carrots, lemon juice, and salt…perfect.

Things are good! Gotta say the Gospel is amazing and I´m happy! Read the word of God everyday to stay on track!

dinner with members!


Hermano Miguel! He was baptized the same time as Maria Garcia. Both Miguel and Maria are going strong!

Not too much progress of our investigators this week. Many times we try to meet with them or have something set and then they are either not home or something falls through. We are working on helping them understand the importance of the message and our time. And also, we are still contacting a lot of people.

The World Cup is coming up! It´s going to be loco!

Love you!

-Elder Orme

some members after an activity we elders lead. we lead one every other week and they are great! We teach a gospel principle or share parts of the scriptures and the principles to apply from them, then we play a game. So Spirit…and fun!




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