Hello Fam and Friends!

This week we were walking through a grand field on our way back from a lesson. We saw a small fire in the field with the span of about 30 feet or so. And there were 3 six-year olds wacking large sticks to stop the fire and using their jackets as well. Just having fun, batting away at fire! They are the ones that started it. Their mom yelled at them to come in for lunch and they left, starting little fires on the way on some bundles of dry grass. Fires don´t matter to people here! Usually there is just a small fire in the street to burn away things whatever it may be…plants, diapers. A little culture for ya! :)

The 20th of June was “Dia de la Bandera”. Flag Day. This is a community gathering that morning. We also had a ward activity where we ate Locro…a festive soup of corn, beans, pig skin, and meat. YEAHHHHH PIG SKIIIIIIIN!!!!!! It doesn´t have a taste…just blubber.

Me and Hermano Cabanilla stirring the huge pot of Locro! It was huge!

During contacting this week, and lessons in the first visit (meaning: we successfully enter a house and teach them the first time we meet them) many people were explaining to us how they “aren´t religious, but just believe in God and Jesus Christ.” We are trying to explain to people that if you believe in God and Jesus Christ…wouldn´t you follow them? Many people, like much in the world, THINK they believe but don´t truly. Unfortunately, Satan is a powerful being and has much hold on the hearts and minds of people.

But no matter, we are here to teach the ready at heart, and God has promised that there are some, whether it be one or one-hundred.

A soon to be baptized couple in a different area of our district. Way to go Sistas!

We were able to meet with Sergio once in the beginning of this week. He´s someone I really feel is ready and prepared, he just needs to make sure the powers of the world don’t get in the way. We believe he´s afraid to take these actions for himself for fear of what his wife or others may think and say. We expressed to him how we are providing the Best opportunity in the world to him and he needs to show more faith. A couple days after, Elder Fish and I have felt that we need to really find out if he´s prayed to find out the truth of these things…and then build off that. And also today, I felt the Spirit saying that we should express our feelings and bear our testimonies specifically on repentance. I had a moving morning pondering about how repentance has been such a beautiful blessing for me.

Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Have much fun and laughter. Life is meant to be enjoyed!”

Love ya´ll!

Elder Orme


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