Vamos Argentina

Let´s go Argentina! The colors of blue and white will be flashing all over the place, even in your dreams! once they win the World Cup this year! Woot woot!!!

Vamos (Let´s go) Argentina! We are rooting for Argentina this year…and the States for the World Cup! These are the children of a less-active mother. Sweet pic eh? IMG_1598


me with a catholic church

I hope some of ya are watching the world cup. Spain and Ecuador have lost there first games, wamp. Mexico won one! Argentina won one and will dominate the rest!

I found chips labeled España! Yeah, Derek! They were the flavor of chorizo (sausage) and were pretty good :) bought it mostly because of the bag. España is going doooooown this year :)

Things are NOT crazy here in Empalme during the world cup like big cities usually are. It´s just small and super tranquilo! Other elders tell me in other big city areas, things are CRAZY and even bad, like deaths. But not here! Things are a buzz though because of the world cup. A lot of white and blue everywhere.

There´s only been 1 Argentine game and that was yesterday. We were basically able to move around it…doing contacts right before the game. And then we visited a less-active, Hermana Maguí (her kids are in the pictures with the painted faces, she´s NOT the less-active on the collectivo.) But we will see how the rest of the work goes during this world cup.

Lunch with some members!

A little chubs girl of a member-family. She´s so chubby and fluffly! She bounces around, so CUUTE.

This week started HARD. We weren´t getting into any houses and every plan fell through. It´s easy to question “why?” at these times but only those without faith do that! We didn´t get discouraged, we forgot about ourselves and kept working! Right after a fervent prayer after our weekly planning, investigator Sergio called us to set-up an appointment the next day!! From then on we got into a lot of houses! Taught newbies, investigators, and less-actives. We got a less-active to church this week by picking her up at her house early in the morning! 2 others came on their free will with our help of inviting them! None of our investigators came to church, the problem we figured with them is that they set plans on Sunday without thinking of church. So when it comes by they are like, “well, we´ve got plans.” No! We are now attacking this problem with, “Will you leave this Sunday morning and all the rest FREE for church and will you come with us?” Miracles will happen this week and we WILL have an investigator this coming Sunday.

With the less-active we picked up. It was VERY dramatic unfortunately when we picked her up. We basically dragged her out of the house. She´s dealing with some problems and we keep promising her the church is the BEST thing that is going to help her if she´s just puts forth some action and faith. She came and had a good time! Hopefully it´s easier next week!


Members in the collectivo ride


Big dog!

Love to you all!

-Elder Orme…vamos Argentina


Walking to go pick up a less-active member early in the morning for church. I love yelling…”We´re missionaries!!!!!” when I really feel like we are doing missionary things. :) which is ALL the time!


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