Propios Agentes

Hola Familia y Amigos!

We have a new president here in the mission! His name is President Zanni. I hope you can see his pic somewhere. I´m VERY excited for the work. One thing we have learned so far from him is that we are our “propios agentes”, our own agents, and as we are obedient and faithful the Holy Spirit will guide us perfectly! And oh do I really feel like the Spirit is guiding our work more now. Why? we are VERY obedient. We do everything in our power to do so. My teaching skills are improving. My language skills are improving. My focus on the Lord and leaving myself behind is improving.

Working with members! This awesome, returned-missionary, young single adult member helps us a lot to visit people. Rock star! Fun to talk to!……..

Ice Cream! It´s not hardely as rich as Coldstone or Trader Joes ice cream but “Grido” is the famous brand here and their was a great offer for a kilo and a half. We ate it over the course of a week!

We haven´t met the President yet, we will this coming week! He´s 40 years old and has 7 kids! 5 of which will live in the mission home. The Zone Leaders have said that he has brought a lot of young fire, energy, and Spirit to the work. Exciting times!

Plus, he has cut out the project of always getting 140 contacts every week. We also had a specified hour during the day to contact. That´s cut out. We are our own agaents! This is great, because now it alleviates the pressure off my companion. With the 140 contacts, we were failing in other areas. Elder Fish has related to me how he felt like he was really going for the number instead of focusing on the people. He has repented :) and now we have a goal to fill all areas equally well, according to the Spirit that is given us.

On the bus with Ismael again!

Since getting all this news, I have felt the Spirit guiding our work MUCH more. And it feels so good to guide it because there is also success. We had a bottom-load of lessons towards the end of this week, and they all went well becuase we let the Holy Spirit guide. We will continue to do so!

For Reagan and others: The Spirit will sometimes direct you to do things out of the ordinary…follow it! For example, we went to some less-actives. The Perlo Family! Such an awesome family. They speak english because they used to live in the US. Mainly it´s just the Dad works on Sundays and they lack some daily gospel living. The Elders have been working with him for a while. We were chatting, and I was about to follow-up on whether he´s been reading his scriptures like we committed, but it felt WRONG. I was steered by soft yearnings of the Spirit to just continue chatting. So we did, and we found out some VITAL information that they expressed to us as we chatted. It was a fun and great time, not to mention Sister Perlo had just made tons of home-made donuts which I scarffed!!! The vital information is too long of a story to explain but it’s GREAT NEWS for them! The news is a secret from everyone, even their kids! But they have confidence in us. And it´s because we followed the Spirit!

The Family Perlo

With the two Perlo cuties! They just have 2 reaaaaallly cute girls, They draw us pictures all the time.

Just an example of the Spirit guiding us. There´s lots of others but impossible to relate it all! So great things!

One thing: If the Spirit tells you to do something or say something to someone, DO it. EXPRESS it. If you don´t feel like the Spirit is saying anything specific…GO for whatever you feel is your best judgment. These trials will come when we are like, “I don´t feel anything” (in a whiny and complainy voice) like I have done in the past. It´s a TRIAL. God says to GO for your best judgment then! Don´t just sit! As long as we GO, listening for the yearnings of the Spirit (which may come from other people!), God will guide in HIS way. And in the end, after our trial, the greater light, the greater perspective, and the greater knowledge WILL come! It´s happened so much to me in the course of my little life. So when those trails of testimony or Spirit come…what will you do??? “Press on enduring! With steadfast faith in Christ!”

Argentine field.

Argentine bridge.

Family and Friends, believe and follow the teachings of the Prophets.

Now for funny things:
-I bought a 2 peso flag and taped it outside our front door to show our Argentine patriotism for the World Cup. It lasted for 2 weeks!….now it´s stolen. :)

-“Mayonaise, mayonaise, we all scream for mayonaise!” They use it with EVERYTHING. I don´t mind.


Elder Orme, the IV


One thought on “Propios Agentes

  1. I’m glad that you no longer have quotas to reach so you can focus on the people more. The Perlos sound like a promising family.

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