New Thangs

A lot of stuff has happened this week.

With the President there are some cool changes! Elders can now baptize! We can play futbol and other sports with other people on P-Days (we have a soccer tournament today in fact). We have 1 hour and 30 minutes to email whereas it was 1 hr and 15 before. I was VERY stoked when we first heard these changes last week. We got to meet him last week! He´s awesome. I got to sit by the President´s family and talk to them during lunch. GREAT family.

“The Get to Know the President” meeting. 3 zones. Find me?


Remember Elder Holloway? My trainer? He´s been made a NEW assistant!!! He´s got just a year under his belt. It goes to show that the Lord qualifies those he chooses! I´m very proud and excited for my pops, Elder Holloway.

3 generations of missionaries. Elder Holloway, my pops, and Elder Ponce, my Mexican grandpa.

We watched the Finals!! Yes and with permission! The President gave the whole mission permission to watch the final game. Sad although it was. We were at a members house with the other 2 Villa Elders. When one Argentine player made a goal, we screamed, yelped, hugged, ran outside and screamed, we came back inside and it was still 0-0. The player was offsides. And then Germany won. But it was fun nonetheless!

Things get moldy FAST here. We are constantly fighting it in the apartment.

Today is transfer day! I should be going but we will see what the Lord does!

After lunch with a family member.

The bouncing Eli!! She´s the little gordita!

We still have our good teaching pool, but still having a hard time to progress people. This last sunday too, 2 less-actives committed to come to church and that we would pass by in the morning to help them get there. Buuuuuut, they both fell through. One didn´t answer the door, another was just…gone. Oh agency you littl´ devil.

Love you all!

Elder Orme

PS: Just found out where I´m going! I´m heading to the Rosario Norte area! WoW! I don´t know anything else yet. Bye Empalme, love ya!


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