This week I helped make ñioquis for a lunch.  Always reminds me of you mom!

This week was fantastic!  We definitely saw the fruits of our labors.  This weeks assistance in the ward was 54.  There was a bucket-load of less-actives that showed including one of our investigators. Almost all less-actives were people we had visited during the week.
One of these less-actives:  Matias and Marina Ariza. About 40s. European descent. We finally found him in the home with all his family Saturday night.  They have six great kids!  Ages 14 down to 2. They have a lot of responsibilities.  Of course as working parents of 6, they are looking for a new home, always thinking about what the kids will eat for the day, a ton on their minds.  They told us something key which is they never feel they have the time to actually enjoy life with their family.  Matias hasn´t been to one church meeting in 12 years. 12 years.  The wife Marina, in 1 year. We felt the Spirit say…”Consider the lilies” talk!!!!  So we shared those scriptures.  “Isn´t life more than the food, and the body more than the clothes.”  Isn´t life more than just searching or worrying about the things of living all the time!? Yes it is.  “First search the kingdom of God and these things will be added unto you.”  A great lesson, we and they felt the fire!  Will you come to church tomorrow.  “We will see.”  After probing that´s still what we ended up with.  We said, “We will pass by in the morning anyway to walk to church with anyone who would.” “Okay but if no one answers…we are non-existent.”  So we  came by Sunday morning, with not too much hope.  After a moment of “dang…” the 14-year old daughter with glasses just walks out all in perfect sunday dress and scriptures in hand.  “Hola!!!! Anyone else coming?” “No.”
All these pics were of one morning when we helped a member build his house.  It´s in the poorer area.  Feels so good to give service!  Funny dogs.  Kids playing games.  Then after they just happened to have a fish asado so we hopped on in!  They just slapped the toasted fish on the table and everybody just dug in.  We shared 3 drinking cups between the whole of us.  Super hard core Argentine i would say! It was tasty too!  A very worthy experience.
IMG_1723 IMG_1722 IMG_1721 IMG_1719
IMG_1715 IMG_1710 IMG_1728 IMG_1725
What a stud of a girl!!!! All alone, totally ready.  She´s intelligent. We walked with her to church.  Not too many people were there at the beginning. More people for 2nd hour. and boom! more for 3rd our fast and testimony meeting.  I was up in the front ready to pass the sacrament.  I reach the back and hand the tray to a man and am blown AWAY that it is Matias with 3 of his other kids!  As I continue to pass, investigator José Luis with his wife, child, and nephew walk in!  Big smiles everywhere.
Matias goes up to share something for the meeting!!  And explains basically what I´ve told and how he was thinking about it last night, and now wishes to start living the Gospel again.  After the testimonies, a baby blessing is given to the baby of José Luis.
I hope with all the inerds of my body and spirit that these people continue to progress spiritually.  This week even before church, I´ve been an even happier and content missionary.  I feel the promptings of the Spirit much clearer.  I´m learning a lot from Elder Poulton and from the Spirit of God.
After church, one faithful member said to us, and she´s intelligent so she´s got credit, “Elders.  Once in a while a ward is revolutionized by the missionaries it has.  You two are those revolutionizing elders.”   WOOOOOOW BEST COMPLIMENT IN THE WORLD.  I was completely flattered. I hope we really can keep the Spirit to abide with us and continue to bless the ward.
Richer side of the area which is closest to the river Paraná.
Entrance to the training campus of the soccer team Rosario Central, Ive got a matching tie
This sign says that all other clothing from a different team is prohibited! You´d probably get shot if you break it.

Word of the day is Balde. It means bucket. Why? Because we used buckets of warm water to shower ourselves for 2 days! I’m totally willing to have the experience!

We have moved from the pension (apartment) of 2 other elders now to our actual area of Baigorria! We now won’t lose time with the trek from area to area. But a lot of time this week was used with fixing all the problems our new pension has had. It´s pretty small but new, and does the job. A missionary doesn´t need a mansion! But the toilet was always filling with hot water and the shower only had cold water. So we bathed 2 days with buckets until the handymen came to fix things. Just some of the many problems with the pension but I won´t bore you with the rest. The good thing is now we are basically settled in and have a great shower! Not a hanging, heating bucket of water like my last area but a shower…a little gift from the Lord. That´s all we need! So now we can focus more on the work!

Elder Poulton and the food he makes me. Delicious! He´s a fantastic teacher by the way. Always seems to ask the right questions. I´m blessed to learn from him.
IMG_1697    IMG_1698

Fernanda: We have a very good investigator named Fernanda Formaggio. Fernanda lives with a member who has recently shown great focus on returning back to the church. Her “mate” and member, Ariel, used to be a bishop but then fell away. Very sad to hear things like that. But he´s a boss and REALLY is showing a genuine heart of repentance help Fernanda and their 2 little girls enjoy the blessings of the gospel. We had a great lesson with her this week on praying to receive a personal witness of the prophet Joseph Smith. They´ve come all together as a family to church recentely 3 times. They warned us ahead of time that they couldn’t come to church this week. So they are off the hook but just this once! :)

And some hombres working on our pension.

José Luis: We had 2 lessons with our investigator José Luis. Great lessons about the gospel in general and receiving a personal witness as well. He’s together with a less-active woman and they have one small daughter. During the last lesson the toddler stuck a piece of wrapper in her mouth and choked on it for a while until she finally puked it up! A little entertainment break…she’s fine! But they said they would come to church the night before but then didn´t show. We called them but didn´t answer. They sent us a text later telling us that some things happened. Some things will ALWAYS happen! Just come to church! This is the dilemma, right RMs!

I love you all! Read the scriptures everyday! Invite others to do the same! I love you!

-Elder Orme

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