Tazas = cups. Why? Because for our talent as a companionship at the ward talent show we did a routine to the “cups” song. It´s a well known song by the youth. It´s a song you can sing while you do a fun little drum/tap/move routine with a cup. Mom and Dad, if I can´t get the video a member took of us to you, look up “cup song” on youtube and you´ll know what I´m talking about! We weren´t perfect, but who expects that!? I taught Elder Poulton the routine that morning (of course the morning of we think of something to do…) so I could do the singing. It was ridiculous but brought some smiles!

Just one photo. An early morning on divisions with a Bolivian!!!

We saw good success in church yesterday! 59 attended. Who went?

-José Luis and family. They also brought his brother and his family. The brother has time off from jail apparently! He seemed chill! We had a good gospel principles class which we taught with all of them, our other investigator, and recent converts. After church we gave the brother and his family Books of Mormon. They seemed slightly disinterested with the Books…how can you be!? Hopefully they will take a dive in those amazing words. José and his family are looking for work and lack some goods to get by, but other than that they are doing pretty well. They are both in agreement to get married! They just need to “take out a turn” from the government in order to be married.

-Fernanda Formaggio and her family went to. We couldn´t meet with the fam this past week. They are very busy unfortunately and so it´s difficult to help her move faster but they are doing well with the church part!

-Family Ariza (Matias and Marina), the less-active family, went again! And the whole family!! All 8 of them. Matias´second time in 12 years. They also went to the activity.

Sunday was also “Día Del Niño” (Day of the Child or Children´s Day). One hermana (sister) gave a talk in sacrament meeting about children. And it was perfect because there they all were! As in the children! Making noises, running to and fro, almost attacking the piano during the meeting, and being rambunctious. Hard to stay attentive, but her talk brought the spirit to the meeting even though the children were in all places.

Fun fact: We live right next to a sweet cracker factory! And so Baigorria is just enveloped in this sweet cracker aroma many days out of the week! Really fun. Called “9 de Oro”. Look them up to see them and then picture the smell…..yup that´s it! They are pretty popular around here.


Love ya´ll!

-Elder Orme IV


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