Hola queridos!

I’ll start off with some fun news.

Everybody says “che” as a nickname for everybody. As in “dude”.  From the dogs, chickens, to elderly people, people call other people “Che”.  It´s awesome.  Many times people will yell at there dogs, “CHE! Get down!” or say to a colleague, “Che, I know what you mean.”
Elder Summers and I. We had a conference where half of the mission showed up.  Elder Summers was my replacement for Empalme, my hometown! (My first area!)  I heard some VERY special news from him…Maria Garcia, my convert, is still active and doing well!!!!  ANNNNND, he baptized a young woman of 17 called Nadia that I met and taught at the very end of my time in Emplame!!!  I KNEW she was a stud! and she´s a strong, new convert stud now!  That news just filled me with so much joy.  I´m so lucky to have been a part of her finding.
We´ve found a woman and taught her the Plan of Salvation who looks very similar to Katy Perry.  We forgot her name for a couple days so we´d say, “Let´s go back to Katy Perry!”
I’ve gotten a little bellyyyyy, noooooo!!!!  Whatever abdominals might have been there are now GONE.  I blame it on all the bread and starch here and specifically the donuts (“bolitas de fry”) that people have been feeding us lately!  Luckily Ï’m not supposed to impress anyway right now anyway but I promise this thing is being shedded when I get back…only salads and oranges!
At church this last Sunday we had 4 of our investigators come!  The most I´ve had on the mission attend in the same day! Success!!
José Luis and fam are going strong…he´s been going to self-sufficiency classes provided by the church!  Showing true dedication and working hard to find work! Still just need paperwork to arrive to get a move on the marriage.  They went to church.
We live close to this super german/swiss pub called “Werlina” that never seems to be open, but we have fun passing by it everyday.
We found a new man this week!  Daniel!  He´s super humble.  About 40 years old.  Lives alone in a house owned by his employer.  Scraggly hair (picture Snape).  And a GREAT and SINCERE spirit.  With one little lesson, he accepted to come to church and he really came!  He liked it and said he felt comfortable!  He said, “Until next week!” Sounds like he will easily be coming again.  We passed by later Sunday and he commented, “I felt really good.  But I´ll liven up the people a little bit because they need to liven up!”  We laughed together at that!  He´s used to the big ‘ole band church and everything.
We had a ñioqui lunch with the Cuiñas family.
Antonella is a rock star.  She´s being held back by her member boyfriend though, Cristian.  He´s just got some hard feelings against his grandparents, who he lives with, who are really big in the church, and who have always dropped cane on him for being so “flojo”, lazy, with the gospel.
Cristina Martinez and Ramón came also!  Whoo!  This was crucial because if they hadn´t come, we might´ve dropped them.  But they are putting forth great effort!
So we had a good week.  Keep it up people!!!!
Fernanda Cheese Formaggio was simply out of town, but still doing well.
I KNOW that God knows and loves us!  All we got to do is let him “take the wheel” in our lives and especially during trials.  (Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus take the wheel”, look it up Mom I think you’ll like it!)  We can have the sure confidence, stand back and “watch the salvation of God”, as long as we´ve done our part which is to repent and always keep our focus on him!  I know that the greatest joy is found in living the gospel of Jesus Christ and feasting upon his words in the scriptures.  He is all loving and all knowing. We just need to follow.
Love you all!!  Strengthen your study of the gospel and your ability to share it easily with others will strengthen too!
-Elder Orme IV

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