Hasta Luego Baigorria

Tomorrow is transfers and we got word today that I am GONE BABY!  I’m headed tomorrow morning to another pueblito, small little village, called Feliciano!  It’s in the zone La Paz, in the province of Entre Rios!  I’m going to Entre Rios!  Which means I’ll be crossing over the big Rosario-Victoria bridge over the Rio Paraná. I’ve heard it’s more naturey and scenic in Entre Rios.

My new companion is Elder Lopez. North American but some Latino descent.  He used to be the Finance Clerk for the offices.  From the times I’ve met him, he’s a great elder!  He will actually be the Branch President for our little Branch in Feliciano!  I’m really excited to be his right-hand man!  I imagine it’s going to be an adventure!  Being two elders, leading a branch.  What things I’ll learn!  I´m stoked to let you know what it`s like next week!
The bishop and family.  Great man!  They have a sheep as their pet instead of a dog!  Named “Amiga”.  What a laugh.  They like her because she cuts the grass and only leaves little droppings for her doo-droppings!
Rock star members that fed us every Tuesday night.
So goodbye Granadero Baigorria!!  I will miss it a lot!  I love this area, the ward, the people, our investigators.  I will unfortunately miss watching Sister Cristina Martinez being baptized this coming Sunday! Dang!  We told her this morning at her door that I was leaving and she began to cry…which made me cry, dang it!  But we will have one last lesson tonight with her and Ramón.  We are going to run over the baptismal interview questions.  Don`t worry I’ll take a picture with them!
This is Emanuel!  We re-activated him and his brother.
We went to the birthday party of a member for a tad of time.  I got to talk to a non-member woman who said she already has a Book of Mormon and has read a little bit.  Yup…we got to B-day parties to seek potential investigators…
I’ve been in Baigorria here for 2 transfers (3 months).  I didn’t get to “officially” be here to baptize, but it has been such a pleasure to preach and teach the good word of God to our good friends who were touched by the message.  Antonella investigator is for sure being baptized in November. They are almost done with their mini house (for her and Cristian) and will be married in November also.  She’s a sweet angel!  I will miss teaching her becuase every time the Spirit was very strong!  Fernanda “Cheese” Formagio will be baptized in November also.  We’ve reactivated some in-actives.  I learned a lot from Elder Poulton my companion and will miss the big guy! (elder!).  He’s a very intelligent person, fantastic teacher, and always makes clever jokes.
The awesome member family with whom we always taught Antonella.
Fun members that always fed us every Wednesday night.
Hasta Luego Baigorria!
Love you fam and friends…you’re the best!
Elder Orme IV

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