We know the Area

Hola Familia y los amigos mejores!

We’ve almost completed 3 weeks here in Feliciano.  We are now pretty familiar with the place.
We had 20 that attended the branch for Sunday yesterday!  Our highest yet.  We now are pretty settled on giving out talk assignments waaay ahead of time so people don’t feel thrown under the bus!
Investigator wise, the last missionaries here had 2, for the most part, when they left.  1 is Elianna, the 9 year-old girl of a less-active mother.  The other is Mirta Pesoa who has basically been an eternal investigator.  She gets a lot of the doctrine confused with other religions.  Elder Lopez and I have found some good new investigators, but it’s been difficult to track them down.  Some of the others that have been listening to us are those people who are in the tradition and hard to break cycle of born, eat, sleep, sit outside, make babies, then die. Missing out on the whole purpose of life!!!  The best thing for us to do is set the example of Ammon…find ways to serve this community and its individual families in order to physically express our love and shine our lights to the people so that they will end up yearning to hear what we have to say and apply it!  We’ve had good weekly activities that we organize every Friday, with few coming out, but the few that come are blessed with a good time.
This is my small little update for this week!  I cannot express enough how blessed I am to have a family who is strong in the gospel!  It means everything to me that I can share this blessing with others!  This life is amazing isn’t it?  When you really think about it.  When you really do your best to apply the gospel principles, you are free, free from bad and free to feel good with no pain from the past.  Everyday can be a new day with adventures to learn from!  To grab life by the horns, and really TRULY feel satisfaction in life, is to make your foundation Christ.  Helaman 5:12.  Everything builds up from there!  This is the true church, it contains the fulness of God’s gospel for mankind.
Onward and Upward! Love and Faith!
Elder Orme IV

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