The castellano word of the day is “desenmascarar” which means to UNMASK.  Since we just passed Halloween…you know…it fits.
My companion and I have really good conversations.  After every lesson we have, we talk about what happened, and usually about how the gospel truths are so true!  One reason it’s been hard to get people going here…the members included, is because (for Derek…look! …BecAuase, spelling it right) of the poor traditions handed down by parents.  The United States was founded on Gospel principles…one of which is agency, or freedom to choose beliefs; which is exactly what our Father in Heaven always wants for us; and others such as good hard work, learning, always improving, strong values, and good towards others.  Anywho…I won’t go in to it all because it’s a LONG and BEAUTIFUL story, but basically I want to point out, that the Gospel is TRUE.  And the complete one found through the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  The scriptures UNMASK eroneuous and wicked thinking.  Read, “The Blessing of Scripture” by  It’s magnificent.
Sorry I have little time today and no pictures again.  I’ll do better next week!  But I’m doing very well…I am VERY happy.  I absolutely love what I am doing.  Life is best when it is founded on Christ, family, and service!
Love to friends and fam!
Elder Orme

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