Hey familia y amigos!

Alpargatas are the traditional Argentine or “Gaucho” (Argentine cowboy) shoe.  It is a firm fabric slipper with a sole made out of rope.  Certain types look exactly like TOM shoes.  I’ll be bringing some back!  They are comfy, flat, slipper shoes that can be used for anything except sports.  All the gauchos–people who work in the field–and most of the people here wear these Alpargatas.
We are doing good here!  Every Sunday we have been here the number of people at church has gone up every Sunday so that’s good!  Yesterday there were 28 in church.  We have found only a few people to teach that aren’t members, and nobody steady yet, but there is one young women that we will be working with more now that her 18th birtday is coming up…her parents gave her permission to be baptized once she reaches 18.
Transfers are today and there are no changes for me and Elder Lopez.
Through Jesus Christ there is hope through anything that we go through!  To take upon us his mercy and strength we must repent and be born again by the Spirit.  Thankfully to Him, He overcame death and sin, that way all the consequences of this fallen world will be all made right again later, as long as we do what He asks of us.
Go, fight, win!!!
Elder Orme IV

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