Lluvia means rain.  Yesterday, there was a ton.  Rain and church for the people here don’t mix well.  So at church yesterday, we had me, my companion, one member, and one investigator (non-member).  4 people!!  Whoaw.  Luckily I was already prepared with the talk that I was going to give that day about the Restoration of the Gospel.  The investigator is this man that lives right across the street from the church.  Saturday at a ward activity he promised he would come.  And luckily, since he lives 25 steps from the church…he made it!  While it was just us other 3 whoooo!!! In my talk I spoke for a while, we had the sacrament (went by fast), and then we watched a movie on Joseph Smith and the Restoration for the second hour.  So basically had a very formal 1st lesson!  It was a laugh!  But spiritually uplifting too!
Saturday’s branch activity.
One thing I’ve heard from members is that we–here in the Entre Rios area–are in the “armpit” of Argentina.  “The ARMPIT, what do you meeeean???!! Nooooo!” Basically, that we live in an area of Argentina where it’s very non-tourist.  Meaning, it must be a very special reason for someone from the outside to visit.  Whooo! Yeah armpit, LET’S GO!!  I didn’t even notice.  It’s still a great place to me.
The pictures below are of a Family Home Evening we had with a woman who everyone calls “la abuela” or “the grandma” and she is.  She cooks for us, is so sweet, the heartest worker in the branch, the best!  And the man is a recent convert.
Oh and I also got the best shirt in the world from cousin Kelly Briggs!  From the Orme fam reunion.  Thank you KELLY!
Good news!  We have 2 baptisms set for this Friday.  Elianna, a girl of 9 years old.  And Mily, a girl of 18 years old.  Both of which, past missionaries have taught.  Mily just had to wait until she turned 18 to be baptized (her birthday is tomorrow).  And Elianna, the little sister of Mily’s boyfriend who is an active member wanted to be baptized with Mily.  So here we go!  2 new members this week.  Mily is awesome!  She has a great testimony of the church and Book of Mormon and is a sincere girl.  Elianna is smart and also timid.
The message we have to share is true…which is the truth of the Restoration of the Gospel and Church of Jesus Christ through His called prophet Joseph Smith.  That God has re-established His church on the Earth again in these last days.  It is absolutely true.  And faith is also a true principle.  Faith and Truth are unseparably connected.  You can’t have one without the other.  This life is to live and to learn, in the right way!  And that way is through Christ.  This is probably my most favorite short video at this moment called “Because of Him”.  One of the best 2 minutes of your life watching this video https://www.lds.org/youth/video/because-of-him?lang=eng
and also this one of the reason of Christmas, http://www.mormon.org/christmas
I love you all and hope the best for each and every one of you.  This life has a purpose and there is a divine plan to everything.  Hold on and ENJOY!
Elder Orme IV
Captain EO

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