La Dadiva

Did I already have this as a subject title before?  I can’t remember, but “La Dádiva” is on my mind 24/7 so it fits.

La Dádiva means “the gift”.  And the Gift is Christ this Christmas season and forever onward.  Go here for the reflective 2 minute video of Christ and Christmas,
We had a rough week!  You learn a lot of patience and long-suffering as organizers of a branch.  (I say organizers because the “leaders” really should be the members of the branch.)  There’s a lot of planning that goes on and a lot of people fall through on their commitments.  We are all in the process of becoming diety and some are still just getting started.  Whoo!  What a process life is huh?  But it’s glorious!
We were supposed to have 2 baptisms this past week, but the day before, Mily (the recent 18 year old) had to suspend it for the next week.  So we will have 2 baptisms this Friday instead!  (Her and the 9 year old Eliana.)
We were planning on going to a training meeting for leaders of the district (district because La Paz isn’t a stake quite yet).  A meeting for members with callings.  We went from a handful of people going.  And then the day before, bloop, bloop, bloop, people dropped out and Elder Lopez and I couldn’t end up going.  We only had one truck to use with 5 seats and 6 people.  We thought we could stuff all ourselves in but we realized it just wouldn’t work so Elder Lopez and I hopped on out of the truck.  “Now we have an afternoon to work!”, we thought.  That’s one of the blessings of being a missionary, you really learn to take things as they come when the circumstances can’t be controlled.  And you are just a happy bean!
That night (Saturday night) we walked through “la plaza” or rather, the park in the center of the city, and began talking to a young man.  As the conversation continued he admitted that he felt it was destiny that we had found him.  He’s 19.  He easily came to church the next morning and enjoyed it.  He said he wants to come again and we will be visiting him again tomorrow.  —> so there WAS a reason for us staying that saturday night and passing by the plaza!
You all are the best!  Stay strong, be humble, forgive, and have a blast!
Elder Orme IV

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