2 Baptisms


The exciting news for this past week was we had 2 baptisms and both were confirmed yesterday.  Eliana of 9 years old and Mily of 18.  Baptized by Eliana’s big brother Ivan of 19.  Geez!  It ended up turning out great…the whole baptismal service and all.  But boy it was a headache putting it together the day of. Just a lot of problems that came up…but it worked out!  They got baptized in a small plastic pool.  SAWEET.
I was able to perform the ordinance of confirmation for Eliana.  My FIRST time pronouncing the Holy Ghost upon someone.  (Remember, there are few Melchizedek priesthood holders in the branch.)
  IMG_0125 IMG_0126IMG_0124
Thats basically most of what I have to report for for this week! My companion, Branch President, has been having a lot of interviews.  Now he needs to do tithing settlement interviews. Whoo, a lot!  It gives me extra time to study “Jesus the Christ” and general conference talks.
Love you all, you’re the best!
Elder Orme

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