2015 in Argentinlandia

Hola familia y amigos y Feliz Año Nuevo!

It’s a HUGE, BRIGHT new year!  For celebrations here…there wasn’t much we could do!  Our mission rule was to “be in the apartment by 9pm“. For safety reasons because in some areas of the mission it can be PRETTY SKETCH.  But nothing happens in Feliciano, only the neighbor’s cat pestering the nearby chicken is as much drama as we get.  We visited a member who invited us over to eat at 12, but we could only watch the asado cooking until 9.  “Que va a hacer?”  At 11:59pm the fireworks began.  We went outside and enjoyed the New Year’s scenery.
I was going to write you all a journal entry I made about all the things I’ve learned this year, but I forgot my journal!  I will write up on that next week.  A council on journal writing: It does you no good to write about a hard experience and leave it at that!  That’s no fun to re-read!  You will ALWAYS need to overcome hard things so ALWAYS write about what you conquered, your successes, your faith, the moments when you felt the Spirit, moments when you gave service, and when you received service. Those entries are SUPER FUN to read and are SUPER EMPOWERING.  Ah the best.  Only write GOOD things is the point.  It feels extremely good to re-read those entries, and it’s what will empower your future generations because SOMEBODY’S got to read it again.  (Don’t think your journals are secret!!  What’s the point in writing them if noone else will be blessed by them later?)  It’s kind of a, “Well duh!” kind of thing I learned recently.
Have I said this before?…One of my most favorite things here in Argentina are the lightning storms.  Gotta love how often they hit, how beautifully the lighting lights up the night against the clouds and how the god-like thunder breaks through all other noise, the power and majesty of it all. ah!  Just messing up the skies. Super legit to see!  I wish I could bring them home with me so we could enjoy them all together.
We have an investigator that’s progressing pretty well!  His name is Carlos and has a baptismal date for the 31st of January.  He and his member wife do need to get married before hand so they are really working on that!
Below are photos of our member friend’s farm and animals again.  Basically the most exciting place to see and take pics. ;D Me chatting with the pigs catching up on all the interesting times they’ve been having.
IMG_0182 IMG_0171 IMG_0179
You are all spectacular!  Always ONWARD and UPWARD this new year!
Elder Orme IV