Doin Good

We are doing good here in Francia!

We had two baptisms and confirmations this past Saturday, whoo!  The picture below will show,  Rosa Fernandez, a 17 year old girl who has been a friend for some time with a member family.  She still wasn’t set on being baptized until she went to “Especially For Youth” camp and came back totally determined to be baptized.  She came back from EFY right when I came here.

The girl on the right is Delfina Fernandez (same last name, different family), a 9 year old.

We had a great service!  Even though it was hectic before and during.  The ward is fantastic like I’ve said, so without help of organizing, they put on some choirs and lots of food for after.  After the service we met all the non-members.  Thank heavens for my parents who taught me how to be a friendly, people person!  We were able to recieve some references and set appointments with non-members.  There was one woman that was, “Oh, Elders, let me introduce you to my friend here…….(to the friend): Would you like them to stop by your home and teach you a message about the Restored Gospel?”  One said “I’m not ready”, most said yes! If they say “no” that’s okay!  Our only job is to invite, and to provide them the opportunity to taste the joy of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ if they want it. That’s the key!  Us members MUST introduce our friends to the missionaries.   And so, your job is to INVITE INVITE INVITE.

“I like life, life likes me, life and I fairly fully agree”. (name that quote) And that’s how I feel!  And that’s how we all feel when we are doing what we know is true and good.  And when we hear the message of the restored gospel. I have seen it on the faces of the people we teack.

TO ALL MY FRIENDS:  If you haven’t heard our message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ from the missionaries in your area, I exhort and invite you to talk to my family to get in contact with the missionaries.  See what this is all about!  Because it is true and it is of God.  And he wants your family to hear it, and take part of it.  Take a look inside “The Book of Mormon.”  To learn more, go to

Onward and Upward,
Elder Orme IV

Welcome to “France”……it’s Paradise

Yes, it’s been paradise so far in Francia!  Which is France in english.  Fun that I can say I have lived in France!

Why has it been so great???  A HUGE reason, is the ward.  It is da BOMB.  We have already gone out on multiple lessons with members, we have family home evenings set up this week with the active members and less-actives/recent converts, 81 people at church yesterday in the CASTLE of a church building for these eyes of mine, since I’ve been so accustomed to the iddy bitty church building (a house) in my last area. The members are super kind, receptive, humble, full of charity; almost Zion!
Elder (Tyler) Frandsen from Queencreek Arizona (which I’m familiar with from my two-week work trip with Joshua`s pest control), and his last companion here, baptized a family the sunday before. (2 of the older kids still arent baptized)  And 3 were confirmed yesterday. Awesome!  And now we have 2 other baptisms set up for this weekend!  A 17 year old Rosa, and a 9 year old Delfina. We got our work cut out for us here! there is a ton to be done!
Being district leader is an adventure.  More than anything it is a blessing to be senior companion now so that I have the chance to stretch my wings a little bit. My spanish has amazingly increased a lot. Elder Frandsen is an AWESOME companion.  A super humble, full of love Elder.  7 months in the mission. He has trouble with the language and needs some more confidence so I’m really trying to help him build it up!  The first 8 months of my mission were hard!  Because everything was still being learned, everything was still growing.  So I’m trying to help him see that with patience, work and faith, everything will come and he will feel like he is SOARING, like how I feel!  Which comes after trials and being faithful to God!
We live at Santa María 3737, Rosario, Santa Fe, ARG.  Its an older apartment but I still think it’s great!  Even though there are cockroaches roaming around on my desk at night and sometimes in the morning there are some random slug snot trails on my backpack, its legit!
Mi residencia.
3732 Sta Maria
The other day we were walking about.  There was a ton of commotion, fanatics of the soccer team Newells Old Boys its called, were going crazy with black and red which are the team colors. People get crazy.  I look down and realize that I have on a Rosario Central blue and yellow tie on, the rivals of Newells Old Boys. So my companion and I are freaking out, but we slipped away unnoticed down the other block.  This ain’t Kansas anymore!  (Don’t worry I will be very careful and smart MnD.)
SO many blessings, and I feel overwhelmed with them. Elder Frandsen and I are ready to use all these opportunities to the extreme to do much good and show thanks and faith to God for these blessings.
Love you all, Onward and Upward!
Elder Orme

Chau Feliciano, Hola Francia

After 3 transfers (4 1/2 months) in Feliciano…I´m being transferred to Francia in “Rosario Oeste” stake.  I’m going to Rosario whooooo!!!!!

I’ve heard it will be much more dangerous than here because it’s inner city… whoo adventure!!  And that I have a great ward and church building…. yes yes and yes!  I have been called as District Leader in the area, with another “shahnkee” (yankee as they call us) companion Elder Frandsen.
We escaped without a scrape from the Carnaval!  It was easy.
We got some good new investigators on our last full working day yesterday.
I’ll let ya´ll know what the new place is like!
Member family.
IMG_0203 IMG_0208
Last pic with comp Elder Lopez, great elder!

IMG_0209 IMG_0217

The Gonzalez family.  We´ve been working for a time with the man, Carlos who isn’t a member yet, and the rest of the family to get them active. They are having trouble getting married.  They live out in the boonies and are one of the most interesting families I have ever met.  Gotta love ’em.
Love you!
Elder Orme