Blessings Inside and Out

It is a complete blessing to do the Lord’s work, and to be a part of His glorious gospel.  The blessings I feel inside just can’t be described.  And the blessings I see on the outside are reason to always rejoice.
Zion is growing all over the world.  It is an amazing time to be alive.  With many blessings and responsibilities.
Congratulations to my brother Carson and his wife Anne on a first and healthy baby girl!
We have a superb investigator family!  Vicente and Rosanna, with there 2 little ones Valentine and Estefania.  We love them! We have had some great lessons and they keep saying how we found them at the perfect moment.  (We were just looking for a home of a member family when Vicente kind of popped out and we began talking to them.)  They love the message of the restored gospel.  Rosanna came to church with Valentine yesterday. (Vicente was planning on coming also, but had to deal with roof problems due to rain.)  Have set desires to come to church the next time.  Not to mention that they have accepted the message and would like to be baptized because they quickly felt the gloriousness of it all. We spoke with them after church and are excited for our next visit tomorrow.  They are the PERFECT prepared people that missionaries always want to find.  More news on them to come.
Some of you have seen our “casa” on the outside from Google Earth, below I have pictures of the inside with a photo of the cockroaches like my father requested!  He has some (less-than-fond, yet memorable) memories of cockroaches when he served in Mexico for his mission.  Thank heavens for “raid”!  The go-to bug killer for the Argentinans. The cockroach number has decreased drastically in the place.
IMG_0278 IMG_0281 IMG_0282 IMG_0283 IMG_0284
Love you all, and I hope that you feel as I do when living the Gospel of Christ.
Elder Orme

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