María Rosa and Others

Hola a todos!
Another week of learning, growing, practicing, choosing, living and loving!  Life is just so full and satisfying when you put in practice the Gospel and feel the Spirit at all times!  Thanks to Heavenly Father, He can provide all this to us as we learn with humbleness, and act with faith and courage.  I am grateful for this time I have to focus 100% on my Lord and Savior and others!
Things are just so natural and wonderful when we follow the Spirit in every moment.
We found a wonderful young single lady named Marìa Rosa. We were looking for a former investigador, asked two neighbors if they knew this person, but they didn’t know him.  The 3rd person we asked was Marìa Rosa.  Standing on train tracks, we clapped from the backside of her house, she came out, with a bright wonderful smile.  Very friendly, she didn’t know the person either. (But that doesn’t matter!  Finding oldies is a great way to find newbies at the same time!)  We had a good talk on the Restoration and towards the end began to cry as she shared her testimony of God and His mercy. We came by the next day for another discussion with a member.  A great lesson, good questions, she felt the Spirit. 2 days later we had another discussion and spoke more of the “Plan of Salvation”.  She felt the Spirit again!  She didn’t come to church yesterday, but that’s okay, we will help her get there.
Another time is when we went to visit some less-actives, and on the way, there was a young family outside of their home enjoying the afternoon.  We felt the need to speak with them.  The less-active wasn’t home, so we decided to go and introduce ourselves to this family.  They were indeed kind, and they allowed us in for a first discussion.
Just a few examples of the joy of following the Spirit.  It takes courage and practice and ACTION.  Faith is Action. There is NO faith if there is no action to follow it up.  Of this I have a testimony.  It feels so good when we act on our faith.
Of late, I have really felt the helping hand of God to put the words I must speak into my mouth, and to do what he would have us do.  Like Ammon and other missionaries of old, I feel like I have so much courage and testimony because I have the faith and strength in my God.  And God only helps us with that as we practice with faith.  Not knowing beforehand every little detail of what we must do, but knowing that in the moment when we need Him, he will guide us.  This is faith. And it grows with prayer, study, and practice.
Vicente and Rosanna have had a little obstacle.  Rosanna has a “let’s do all this, it feels all true, good and right!” attitude.  While Vicente is now second-guessing things.  He didn’t come out with what it is that’s holding him back in the last lesson, it was an intense one.  And we tried what we could, but he must pray, have faith, and figure out and make right his own desires before he can progress. We spoke with them about the law of chastity and therefore marriage.  We are giving them a couple days and will go back again to see what progress has been made!
The mission is amazing!  The true and fulness of the Gospel is the only way to live right, so LIVE IT! Love you all!
Elder Orme

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