Christmas Packet came!

Hello Hello!
Mom the packet came!  Take a look at the pic!   I was suuuuuuuuper happy of course.  Thanks for the gifties. I was smothering my face with the “cozy socks”.  The ties and other socks are awesome and perfect!  I also received the nice notes from the ward and stake, very cool.  Hallelujah eh?! Thank heavens it arrived!  I will we very prepared for this Christmas season for this year! (I will put the decorations up in November!)
Take a look at the other pic I attached.  It’s of in front of our pension.  Many times during the day there are people that go by in carts and horses and bikes selling all types of goods.  Mostly fruits, vegetables, and churros.  This morning I took a pic of this man, his horse is named “Moni”, we bought eggs from him today.  Fun cultural nuggets that you don’t get in the USA.
Graham! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I hope you celebrate well. You will have to tell me about it.
G-o ‘n’ get ’em attitude.  You have a bravery to go and DO things. To act.
R-igorous in your studies to get your master’s degree and now to be a great father, husband, and fulfiller of your callings and covenants with God.
A-ctive.  Always “on the run” literally.
H-appy, “it’s always a good time!” You’re a great jokester and storyteller.
A-nxious for the welfare of your family and loved ones.
M-acho.  A great example of strength and bravery in facing the world
Love you big bud!
A cool experience over here that we had was:
We were with a young single adult man less active who at first didn’t feel good to pray because he is breaking the law of chastity with “girls” that he knows. But he has desires to change his life and knows he must or die in the pit he has fallen into. Now he is praying and has committed to read the scriptures. In our last lesson, the Spirit was there.  He felt the need to tell us what he has been doing, he said it’s something he can’t stop, something he can’t overcome.  With support from us and the strength of the Spirit, he then pulled out his cellphone and said, “I’m going to delete all the numbers of the girls that I have in front of you both.”  We said, “Do it.” Supporting him.  He went through his contacts one by one with us and deleted every number of a “bad girl”. He has some facebook contacts to delete but he said he would do that once we left (it was already late, and we didn’t want to see anything if there was the chance.)  This was an amazing achievement for him, of which I believe could have only been done by the strength of the Spirit that missionaries can bring.  We hope to see even more achievements made by him soon!
Love you fam,
Elder Orme

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