More investigators at Church, I love these people

We had 5 investigators come to church!
María Rosa and Ariel came again!!!!!!!!  She came earlier this time because she got over her nerves from the last time.  She was a lot more comfortable this time. We gave Ariel the gift of a white long-sleeve shirt which we found stuffed away in our apartment, we washed it first!  They are progressing…….. :D
Omar and María came!  We have been meeting with them for about 3 weeks now.  They are awesome.  Omar is a super prepared man. Super nice, super honest.  An example!  While they are not yet married they have a family of 3 sons.  We came to know Omar and María because one of the sons listened to the missionaries a little bit in the house of his girlfriend.  We passed by his parent’s home (Omar and María) and they invited us in and have been taking the lessons from us ever since!  They weren’t looking for anything in the beginning, solely inviting in these young chaps for a chat. But in the process of the visits, they have grown to understand that what we share is possibly something they want and indeed something they actually have been looking for.  They have explained to us that they have been confused with all the other religions that they have listened to.  They aren’t practicing any religion (they were born Catholic, baptized 2 of their sons as catholic, but not the 3rd because they didn’t understand the need to do so.  The son with the girlfriend are attending an Evangelic Church.)   And now they came to church and on time!
Keep in mind, that Omar and María, and María Rosa and Ariel, really haven’t ever had a connection with the church before, simply prepared people that the Lord lead us to find!
Norma also came to church.  She’s a new goldey.  She has had visits with the missionaries, but stopped receiving them.  A member told us that she wanted the visits again, so we met with her and she really wants to change her life now.  Is filled with the Spirit and very excited.  She came to church, and the whole time had a wonderful smile and brightness about her.  She even has already started paying tithing.  Today we met with her again and with her grandson Fernando of 21 years old who at the moment is under house arrest, but is sincerely very interested in what we share as well and hoping that it will help him change his life for the better.
Whoaw whoaw whoaw, I’ve got to talk about Cesár! 17 years old.  He and his sister Antónia of 23 years, live close to us, and we have seen them some times before, just snippets, going in or out of the house.  We felt the need to introduce ourselves to them as we were passing one day last week.  We knock on the door, we get to know Antónia, we leave her to read “The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” pamphlet, and set up an appointment for the next day.  At the visit the next day, Antónia hadn’t read the pamphlet, but Cesár, read it all on his own, and looked up the movie “Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration” (of 1 hour long) and watched the whole thing, and was very interested in learning more from us.  He really likes the Book of Mormon, and has read from the beginning to Chapter 20 as of Saturday night!  He’s not going to school at the moment and doesn’t work, and therefore has a lot of time to focus specifically on the message.  He almost came to church!
Some stories of the good things here in Francia.
Love you all! Keep the Faith.
Elder Orme
PS  Vicente has been doing better with the shoulder, he has found a job that takes him away during the week, but is home weekends.  Hopefully now with the job and less stress in finding one, he can focus on the Gospel message.

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