“Follow the Prophet”

Hey Hey Hey!
Easter was a big hit huh, especially with the conference and all.  Lo siento, I don’t have much time, but some of my thoughts:
When somebody really reads the Book of Mormon without judgment, they will simply know that it’s a miracle, that it’s true, that Joseph Smith and all the prophets leading up to Thomas S. Monson are true, that God lives, that God speaks, that God works, and is ever mindful and merciful to His children.
Like Bishop Martin, who I was told spoke on how it is a miracle in our day, I testify that that’s an unequivocal yes. Bishop Martin is absolutely right. The Book of Mormon is a complete miracle.  What more of a miracle could you want??? It is an absolute sign that God is mindful of His children, lives, and speaks, and that we had better listen.  I always pray that people will open their hearts simply to understand what this Book is, where it comes from, and what it says.  Because if they do, they will without any doubt, simply come closer to that God that gave them life.  It’s not solely a catchy primary song “follow the Prophet” but a life-course to live by. We all know from scriptural evidence what happens to those who choose not to heed the prophet.  And oh is it sweet and fulfilling to have this knowledge and choose to live by it!
One of my favorite lines from the conference was a quote from Nelson Mandela, “I’m no saint, unless a saint is a sinner that keeps trying.”  Then later from the Dale G. Renlund “If you are a sinner that keeps trying, you are a Latter-Day Saint.  If you are a sinner that’s stopped trying, you’re a Latter-Day Quitter.   If you don’t recognize that others are trying, you are a Latter-Day Hypocrite.”
May we all read the Book of Mormon daily, follow the Prophet, be filled with love and follow the Spirit.  This life is beautiful and amazing!  Thanks to all the trials, we can recognize that!  In trials, just continue making the best decisions you can and it will turn out right.  Give and receive.  Love you all.
Capitán EO

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