New Companion, Baptism of Bianca

Hello all!
We had a baptism in the ward.  Bianca Rios is her name. 9 year old.  Because she is 9 years old and not 8, she goes under “convert” and the missionaries responsibility in order to help baptize.  So we had a good chat with her and the rest of the fam a week before her baptism to make sure she understood what she was doing.  We made the lesson fun, we asked for a barbie doll of hers, which had a big dress on, and plastered some paper on the barbie to signify sins, then dunked her in a big bowl of water, as her sins (the papers) clung off her through the act of baptism.  Of course the act of baptism and remision of sins isn’t complete without the administration of the gift of the Holy Ghost, so we explained that too.  She had a great experience!  The father of Bianca is overjoyed that he was able to get his act together in order to be worthy to baptize his daughter.  The family is wonderful!
You will also see pictures below of our beautiful “beam of light” church here.  It is on a big road here and just BEAMS and stands out like a beam of light during the day and night. I love walking by it all the time, knowing that I’m a representative of “that church over there”, that no one can miss.
Another picture of a cool shot of typical Argentine apartment buildings.
We went to a park for p-day, the monument below is of Blegrano.  An argentine elder told me that here, a statue of a soldier on a horse has different significances according to how the horse is standing.  If the horse is on both of it’s hind legs (two legs in the air), the soldier died in battle.  One leg up, the soldier died by an injury in battle.  And if no legs are in the air (all on the ground) the soldier died due to old age nothing more.  Cool fact! I don’t know if it’s the same in our country and others or no.
A lake in the park.
The people let us into the stadium of the famous soccer team here “Newell’s Old Boys”, nickname “Los Leprosos” (the Lepers (people with Leprosy)).  Colors Red and Black.  But I really shouldn’t have stepped foot in the stadium because my team is “Rosario Central”, nickname “Los Canallas” (“rotten/trickster people”). Colors Blue and Yellow.  Who are rivals to team “Newell’s”.  Next time we are going to stadium Rosario Central! My people!
We had transfers and Elder Frandsen was sent to a different part of the vineyard and Elder Black was sent here to Francia with me.  Elder Black is the big elder in the last picture.  I won’t be robbed no more WOOHOOOOOOO!  Great elder. His mother is Mexican and father North American.  The youngest of 6.  They are all BYU Cougars like our family!  His great great great grandfather was George Black, a bodyguard of the prophet Joseph Smith!! WHAAAAAAT! (Now he’s my bodyguard :D) It’s fun talking and sharing with him about our strong lineages.
IMG_0381 IMG_0384
That’s all for this week.  Love you all!
Elder Orme

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