Cordoba Temple Dedication

The Cordoba Argentina Temple was dedicated yesterday!
It was a special experience.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to see apostles in different settings than just General Conference.  Dieter F. Uchtdorf and D. Todd Christofferson were there.  It was great to do the “Hosanna Exclamation”; it reminded me of the Nauvoo re-dedication, when Reagan and I did the Hosanna Exclamation for the first time.  Right at the beginning of the shout when we started waving the handkerchief Reagan’s handkerchief caught mine and it flew through the air and landed in the bench across the way.  Reagan and I couldn`t stop laughing! Mom snapped at us for being irreverent, but it was difficult for Reagan and I not to throw glances at one another and start laughing again.  Yesterday, nothing like that happened so I was able to keep my cool!   The Hosanna Exclamation was begun at the Kirtland Temple dedication.  In similitude of when all people shouted in one “Hosanna!” when Jesus triumphantly entered into Jerusalem, and when the Nephites shouted “Hosanna!” when the resurrected Jesus visited the land Bountiful.
It was also a powerful moment when singing the hymn “the Spirit of God”.  Yesterday we had 3 dedication sessions, Elder Christofferson stated that Prophet Wilford Woodruff held 32 dedication sessions for the Salt Lake Temple. 32! He wanted as much people as possible to participate.  All in all a great experience yesterday, and a fantastic demonstration of the progression of God’s work in these days.
We had some great lessons this past week.  Mario (21 years old), is progressing FAST.  I feel the Spirit strongly when we are with him.  Speak of the devil!  He just walked in!  Here in the internet ciber place!  He is awesome!  We have another appointment tomorrow with him! Sweet.
Thanks to all for your prayers!  Invite anyone and everyone to learn more about the restored gospel. Even if they say no, you did your part.
-Elder Orme
We went to the Rosario Monument again :) [No pictures attached]

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