Farewell to the Zanni Family

Hello Fam and Friends,
This week we had a farewell get together with the Zanni Family.  Seeing as President Zanni and his family will not preside over our mission anymore.  It was a big day.  Farewell testimonies, talks, pizza lunch, “Meet the Mormons” movie watching, pictures, game playing, and final farewells with the President and his family.  I will definitely miss seeing and interacting with the young Zanni kids.  They are so fun to watch and are a big part of the mission.  I’m impressed that President and Sister Zanni make their kids a part of everything in the mission.  From giving talks, playing games with us missionaries, and performing service to us.  President Zanni has been a good president.  Very frank, no sugar-coating.  He’s been a good source of energy and faith for me.  It has been a pleasure serving under his leadership.  I will miss him and the rest of the family especially!
Our farewell picture.  Half of the Santa Fe Mission.
The mission continues to surprise me and help me learn.  For church yesterday, the attendance was me and my companion, a counselor to the branch president, and a counselor to the stake president and one member.  5… :D   After having a priesthood discussion, the counselor to the stake president that was visiting lead us to visit, find and invite people to come to sacrament meeting.  So we left church in his car and planned on visiting 10 people, but we ended up visiting 1 family before arriving for sacrament meeting again, in the which, the most faithful member of the ward had showed up.  So at the end we had 6 people in church.
A radiator springs stoplight. (Like the one in the “Cars” movie.)  Nobody around, dirt roads, just a stoplight alone and blinking, yellow…yellow…yellow.
Yesterday, we met an inactive.  He’s allowed work to be more important than completing his baptismal covenants.  While he’s a funny man, it’s hard for me to laugh at his jokes, most of which were about the word of wisdom type stuff.  We tried to help him see that we need him, God needs him to come to church and help others do the same. But for now he isn’t willing to change his work circumstances.  This made me ponder, yet once again…”Is there more that we could have done? More to help him see that the only important things in life is doing God’s will?”  And after some prayers, the Spirit whispered to me once again…”As long as you did all you could, you’ve done your part, and it’s in his hands to do the rest. Entonces, quedàte tranquilo. (therefore, be calm.)”
Passing over a river.
While I have a lot of time in the mission, missionary work is still tough. Especially with those that once had light, lived by it, then fell away.  People who have an understanding but choose not to live by it anymore.  But we go ONWARD and UPWARD.  Showing forth more love, patience, and charity!
My last photo with President and Sister Zanni.
While playing a game all together, it’s always fun watching President and Sister Zanni interacting with one another, so I snapped a shot!
One thing I’ve learned on the mission is happy perseverance.  When one thing hits me, I’ve learned to quickly let it go, leave it in the past and keep going with faith, quicker and quicker I’ve learned to overcome obstacles.  Forgetting myself and “rights” I deserve, and focusing on my responsibilities.
Love you all!
Elder Orme

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