Service, Otter

Thank you family, mom, dad, siblings, and friends for the love and support you have shown towards me.  I’m still doing my best, all I can, to follow the Spirit and serve the Lord.  Every moment I try to do what He would have me do, especially when it comes face to face with another son or daughter of His.

The work is a little tough for starters here in Galvez  I arrived with a very small teaching pool.  It would naturally be bigger with a large amount of “steadfast and immovable” members.  But we simply don’t have that so we have been trying to find new people to teach through our own efforts.  A lot of which is tracting.  We are trying our best to think and act on new methods of finding that apply specifically to the people in Galvez.
The view from our second story apartment.  The clock building is the Catholic Church and center of Galvez.
Elder Berg made tortas fritas! (it’s flour mixed with salt and water, then fried in sunflower oil.  Not healthy, but the Argentine classic!)
14 people arrived to church yesterday.  It was pleasing to see that some came through our efforts to help them there.  We had branch council afterwards, and like I’ve said before, that’s one of my most favorite parts of missionary work because with the members we can really get down to the nitty gritty and makes plans to move things forward.  It was an interesting discussion, but the point is that we must get the attendance up quickly or else we won’t be able, as a church, continue renting the garage/house church building we have.  There is only 1 faithful tithe payer, so that was a discussion.  Tithing is a quick and key indicator to understanding the faith and worthiness of the members of the church.  The members committed to specific plans and errands to accomplish during the week.  We will also begin having Family Home Evenings as a branch starting Wednesday. So we hope that things will be moving forward.  A lot depends on the faith, humbleness, and diligence of the little group of members.  Elder Berg and I are working to teach the members the doctrine and commandments.
Saturday was a great day of physical service!  Serving physically getting into working clothes, getting dirty, getting sore from the physical stress is one of our favorite things!  It gets old being clean so much.  We moved piles of rock and sand from the front of the Acevedo family’s yard to the back.  During which, we ate barbecued OTTER!!! and fish.  But can you believe it…otter!  I’d never thought I’d eat the creature.  But I really liked it, as well as the fish.  Only afterwards did my companion tell me that he wasn’t a big fan of either, but that he only ate the stuff when Hermano Acevedo served it to him! (sorry, no pictures of the otter ;)
Later that night, we answered the call and plead of an elderly member lady that was feeling very lonely.  We helped calm her distressed feelings, helped her feel happy and forget her problems.  A young boy, recent convert arrived and we had a great talk, and re-taught the plan of salvation to them.  We sang a hymn and gave the elderly sister a blessing.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity God grants me opportunities to serve my fellow man. I’m very grateful to answer His call to serve because it makes me feel a satisfaction that I can’t get anywhere else.
Hasta Luego!
Elder Orme

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