Sacerdocio y La Llorona

Hola Papá y mamá,

I hope your week was splendid and you’re happy.

This week I don’t have too much to share.
But this week we found some new investigators, something we always need!  We have been praying for men that can bear the Priesthood worthily, and what do you know, at the end of church while we are talking outside the door with the President of the Branch and his counselor, a man drives by in his truck and then stops.  Comes out and introduces himself.  He is a member from Santa Fe, that is working now in Galvez for a while.  We don’t know much more than that but we got his information and we are going to visit him pronto!  He seems sweet so we have the hope that he can make a great part of the branch here.

A funny cultural thing: in Galvez there is “La Llorona”.  A person that walks around in the dark early mornings (3,  4 o’clock and such) dressed in black or white carrying chains and maybe other weapons and CRIES.  Just makes this super loud crying, whimpering noise around the more exclusive parts of the town.  At Mariel’s house (a faithful member) her daughter let us hear a recording of the cry that someone had made when she heard it in the dead of night. WHOOOOOOOO freaky.  It’s the BIG talk in town.

Anyway, love you all, you look great in the family reunion pics!

Elder Orme


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