Molitas (Armadillos)

Here we are with some awesome sister missionaries that served alongside us in the same branch.  But they are heading off to a different place and 2 elders will take their place.  We will miss them!

Here’s a pic of us with Tamara an investigator and her son Gerónimo.  We are still praying hard that her boyfriend will have a change of heart and marry her so that they both, with their son can grow in the gospel.
Here’s the best family in the branch!  The Lopez family.  Brother Lopez is  a counselor to the President of the Mission, President Perez.  We are very lucky to serve with them.  Their lunches for us are stupendous!

Here are some pics of me and Elder Arnold with Armadillos!  “Molitas” they call them here.  A member family bought them to raise and once they are fat and juicy to be eaten!

IMG_1620 IMG_1622 IMG_1625


Here I am with some young men of the branch.


Here I am with my new companion!  MY FIRST LATINO!!!!!! My last companion :(     He’s Argentine!!!!!  From San Rafael, Mendoza.  26 years old.  I’m SUPER excited to have him.  I finally can really refine the language and tune my ears. He talks FAST.  All the better.  We work great together.  It will be a superb transfer!  (I can’t believe it’s the last.)

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