Mission Update

Hello Fam and Friends!  Here’s my weekly update:
Elder Arnold was a good companion.  He had a sincere desire to help people.  My companion now is Elder Ortiz, from San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.  San Rafael is famous for it’s wine. ;)  My companion is super talkative and I like it!  It makes for easy comunication in everything.  That’s what I love best about a companionship is when we communicate easily in everything.  i’m learning a ton from him!   He works so smoothly with the people, beacause he grew up among them and he knows their ways!  Very intelligent, a really good chef.  He has been making awesome smoothies since day 1.  We have found good investigators.  It has been and will continue to be an adventure this transfer!
Today for P-Day we played soccer and ping pong with the youth.  we ate tacos for lunch, my second time eating tacos in the mission!  A yankee Elder had some taco seasoning from the states so we whipped tacos up.  You can’t find tortillas here so we use the empanada wrappings.
It’s fun being a zone leader. I still love going to the “leader councils” to learn what we need to express to our zones.  I love our mission president, Presidente Perez.  He is simple, but true, concise, and clear.  In this last council, all of the leaders going home next transfer bore their testimonies.  I bore mine!  And it was great.  I expressed things that I will express in my homecoming talk and for the rest of my life!
Love you all!  The work is right and true!
Elder Orme

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