Griselda and Yamila

Hey there fam and friends!  Here’s my weekly update.

Yesterday in church investigators Griselda and Yamila attended.  Griselda is the mother-in-law of the Branch President.  Griselda is around 60 years old.  She was raised Catholic and loved Catholicism growing up.  Recently, for years she has been caring for her home-bound mother, so for years, she hasn’t been out much. She was happy to receive the missionaries but her mom wouldn’t allow the visits.  Griselda’s mother died about a month ago.  Now Griselda is living with her daughter’s active mormon family.  We have had 3 lessons with Griselda, she accepted the baptismal date on the conditions that she receives an answer that it’s the right thing to do.  She likes her catholic traditions.  She’s come out 2 times to the Family Home Evening activities in the branch (which is a get together Sunday nights for the family, with “rosquitos” (fried batter dipped in sugar, yum!), the famous mate drink to pass around while people converse, and church or christian movies and videos playing).  Yesterday Griselda came for the first time to church…whoo!  She’s progressing.  She’s a sweet, sweet lady.  I love her flustery personality.
Alexis and Yamila.  A young married couple.  Hallelujah!  We found Alexis when we began talking to him in the street after contacting a reference.  Super nice and happy to talk with us.  Since then we’ve gotten to know his family, his wife Yamila and their two kids Esmeralda (9) and Benjamin (7).  They are a beautiful family. From the moment we met them we’d been saying, “They’ve got to be chosen ones, they’ve got to be chosen ones!”   Alexis is very service-oriented, has a little smoking problem, talks a lot, hard worker, and loves his family.  Yamila is sweet, gentle, humble, a mother who loves her children, a believer and searcher for Christ.  They are involved actively in a different christian church.  The pastor had helped build their roof!   But they have shown interest in learning more.  We invited Yamila to church on Friday, she accepted the invitation but it wasn’t a firm yes.  Fast and testimony meeting had started and in comes Yamila!!!  The brave humble mother!  Coming in on her own, intrigued and curious as to what these boys (us missionaries) keep on insisting about a “true and restored church of Jesus Christ.”  It was a great meeting, a great class of Gospel Principles (the topic was Tithing and Offerings), and we heard after church from a member that Yamila had said in the Relief Society class, “I feel like all this is truth.”  A wonderful member friendshipped her the whole time, taking her to classes, sitting with her.  Yes!  As she was leaving afterwards she said thank you and wants to come back next week with the rest of her family.   Whoo!  A beautiful happening.  We are excited for them.
These were the cool happenings of the week!  Today my Argentine companion made pizza, homemade dough and everything, a prodigy.  Attached is a pic!
I love you all. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real and true, I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is His kingdom re-established on the earth by Him and He leads it, and invites all the earth to come to Him to partake of salvation and fulness of joy.
Elder Orme

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