Marcone Family

The whole Marcone family came to church yesterday!  Alexis, Yamila and the two kids Esmeralda and Benjamin. Alexis didn’t go fishing like he said he might.  Thank heavens.  They had a good time in church.  After sacrament meeting, we lost Alexis for a moment (it’s a tight building with lots of people).  Where’d you go!!??  We found him outside smoking.  After telling me about some errands he was going to have to do during the week concerning his car, he finished his cigarette and I asked, “Are you ready?  The next meeting is about to start.”  “Yup, let’s go.”  And in the 3rd hour he participated a lot in the Priesthood meeting.  We have taught him that smoking isn’t good (of course he knows that already), next visit with them will be a deep lesson of the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom (God’s health law).  For sure we hope they will continue progressing!!  And prepare for their baptismal goal for the end of November.

I have learned this week from my studies and life experience how the gift of agency is a grand gift of learning and having faith.  Many times I have waited for some urge, sharp, or clear nudge of the Spirit to tell me what to do.  But God has given us agency, the ability to act and make decisions on our own.  Richard G Scott said something like this, “If we were always told what to do after praying about a decision to make, we would develop into very weak beings.  Strength and learning is found, which is part of God’s gift and plan for us, when we make our own decisions based on knowledge already received.”  If something is wrong when we think it is right, God will let us know before it gets bad.  But it’s up to us to act nothing more, not simply wait.  And while we act, the Spirit will have power to guide us.  I’ve made a personal goal this week to act with the knowledge that I’ve already attained, confident that the Lord has given me what I need to know for now, confident that as I move forward, things will happen.  I will act and not be acted upon.  I invite you all to the same.  Have confidence that God has already given you what you need to know, simply act with whatever you think is best, and the Lord will add upon your knowledge and guide you.  Be sure to pray, read the scriptures, and to keep all the other commandments so you can be worthy of the Spirit. Then your “confidence will wax strong in the presence of God.”
Love you all!
Elder Orme

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