Vamos Familia Marcone!

Hello fam and friends! I’m doing well here with two weeks left in the mission.  I want to spend some time talking about the Marcone family!
It’s amazing!  Now that the family has come to a knowledge of more truth, more gospel, the fulness of the Gospel, they can’t deny it.  Yamila has been on a very spiritual journey, God has been guiding her and preparing her for a long time for us to finally meet them and share the restored Gospel with them.  She grew up in the Catholic church, but their family wasn’t active.  Later in her adult years she started searching for God.  She found him in good little Christian churches.  But later she fell away from the churches for a time.  She began to feel lost and empty.  She realized that it was because she wasn’t searching for God anymore, she had put him aside.  She began attending churches again.  The family had been moving to different places, trying to find their place in life and do it right.  They followed the Spirit, found each other for example, Alexis and Yamila, a fantastic couple, they love each other very deeply, and followed the guidance of the Spirit to get married. They have two beautiful children now.
They were found by members of this little church that they have been going to now for about a year.  They have liked the church.  But then they met us!  Two missionaries equipped with the fulness of the Gospel!  All the truth,  Truth that penetrates the hearts of all sincere and humble truth-seekers.  Slowly, they began listening to us, more and more until we’ve had some great discussions now.  Alexis is wild, but Yamila is his tamer and his compass.  He trusts and confides in Yamila before anybody else.  So she will help guide him.  Both are preparing themselves for baptism, along with their 9 year-old daughter.  Even though they were involved with this other church before, they see it as a preparatory for the new church they found that contains all the truth!  They are so willing to make changes in their lives because they feel the Spirit telling them that all this stuff from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Christ’s church, fills them with sweet spiritual joy, peace, and understanding.
 Since we first met Alexis, he was very talkative and had a lot of doubts and would just throw them in the air and so it was hard to have an organized and simple discussion.  But now he has become much more tame, calm, receptive and a listener since he came to church last week.  He was intrigued by the Ezra Taft Benson book, so he read some of that during the week, and he never reads!!!  We had a beautiful lesson last time of the first half of the Plan of Salvation with the family.
What a beautiful family they are!!! God found it expedient to guide us to this family of gold!  To find them in their lives in the precise moment when they were ready for the fulness of the Gospel!  What a joy it is to be a part of their journey!
I hope all is well with you all!  Trust in God, follow the Spirit!  Do what you feel is right and God will guide you.  Prayers please for the Marcone Family and for us to find more families just like them!
Love Elder Orme

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