The happenings in Empalme

Hey fam!

We had my second baptism this past weekend! it went without a hitch! The young man is Franco Raphaeli and he is a stud!! Somehow a cousin of Ismael Pay and family. He and some of his siblings are always hanging with the Pays. He is 13 years old, super intelligent, and knows and follows the doctrine spot on. I pray that he will continue to be a rock solid example for his family and friends. He has a large family just like the Pays and the parents aren´t really the best. They make a lot of poor decisions. The eldest sister of this family aparrently likes me for my eyes! Whoaw!!! Gotta watch out! She´s always like, “Whooooooaw his eyes.” Which is a super cool compliment but I just blush and say “Gracias.” Nada mas.


Maria Garcia tells us she wants to be baptized so we have a date set for her! She and her son Maximo came to the bapstism and we could tell she continues to become more comfortable with the people and the culture as well.

Had my first Asado today! Finally ha! It´s an Argentine barbeque. And boy it was juicy!

Castellano is coming to meeeeee!!!!! I´m suuuuper stoked about it! I can understand people somewhat now and reply. Elder Holloway and I are getting very good at teaching lessons together cohesively. My favorite part of the mission is teaching the lessons and teaching truth to people. I LOVE and thirst after that spirit I feel when we teach by the Spirit. And part of that is knowing that the people feel that too! And simply pray that they will be receptive to it. I still want the work to move faster! Elder Holloway is a great trainer! He works, talks well with the people and is smart.

IMG_1134SAM_1351 SAM_1331

For those in my fam who served missions…What were your first month´s experiences? How was your companion…what successes did you have…what fears or weaknesses did you have and were you able to overcome them…if there was something in your companionship or in the work in your area that needed changing to make it better were you able to and how did you do it? It would be fantastic to read these experiences from you! Try to think back to your first 2 months in the country!

Christ leads the same gospel that he taught when he was on the earth today! I testify that he lives!

Captain EO