April 19, 2015

My report is small.  Here’s a short snippet:

One story is,,,,,we have spoken with a young couple recently.  And we finally were able to make a set appointment with them.  The young man allowed us in.  We begin teaching him of the importance of the Book of Mormon, and after reading the first paragraph of the introduction of the Book of Mormon, the girlfriend, who was sleeping walks out and begins to tell us off, because of what her pastor and others have said to her about us.  We try to explain in the best way we can and give them the opportunity to just listen, but we were asked to leave.  I’m over here fighting for the truth wherever I go!  This is nothing new! :D

“Follow the Prophet”

Hey Hey Hey!
Easter was a big hit huh, especially with the conference and all.  Lo siento, I don’t have much time, but some of my thoughts:
When somebody really reads the Book of Mormon without judgment, they will simply know that it’s a miracle, that it’s true, that Joseph Smith and all the prophets leading up to Thomas S. Monson are true, that God lives, that God speaks, that God works, and is ever mindful and merciful to His children.
Like Bishop Martin, who I was told spoke on how it is a miracle in our day, I testify that that’s an unequivocal yes. Bishop Martin is absolutely right. The Book of Mormon is a complete miracle.  What more of a miracle could you want??? It is an absolute sign that God is mindful of His children, lives, and speaks, and that we had better listen.  I always pray that people will open their hearts simply to understand what this Book is, where it comes from, and what it says.  Because if they do, they will without any doubt, simply come closer to that God that gave them life.  It’s not solely a catchy primary song “follow the Prophet” but a life-course to live by. We all know from scriptural evidence what happens to those who choose not to heed the prophet.  And oh is it sweet and fulfilling to have this knowledge and choose to live by it!
One of my favorite lines from the conference was a quote from Nelson Mandela, “I’m no saint, unless a saint is a sinner that keeps trying.”  Then later from the Dale G. Renlund “If you are a sinner that keeps trying, you are a Latter-Day Saint.  If you are a sinner that’s stopped trying, you’re a Latter-Day Quitter.   If you don’t recognize that others are trying, you are a Latter-Day Hypocrite.”
May we all read the Book of Mormon daily, follow the Prophet, be filled with love and follow the Spirit.  This life is beautiful and amazing!  Thanks to all the trials, we can recognize that!  In trials, just continue making the best decisions you can and it will turn out right.  Give and receive.  Love you all.
Capitán EO


“Tendedor” means rack…why is this the word of the week?  Because we got robbed and he stole our clothes drying rack!

My first experience being robbed before.  Elder Poulton and I were just settled in for bed once we started hearing noises at 11.  I heard a wierd noise.  And the funny thing is that the first image that popped in my head was…”it´s probably someone, and if it´s a robber…oh what the heck, we´re safe.”  But then there were noises at the front door.  I thought..”oh dang…we´re probably finally getting robbed.” (I said “finally” becuase Cami Bingham from back home warned me that there was no doubt I would! As an elder but as an North American elder at that! Thanks for the warning Cami, darn it! haha!)  At this point, Elder Poulton finally said, “is someone robbing us at the door?”  I said, “It´s a high probability that yes.”  I turn off my headlamp which I was using to read, and see a hooded-man looking into our room from the window. He moved away quickly.  We got out of our beds and before we could do anything (if we had done something it probably would have been getting to know him so we could introduce our glorious message) he zipped to the front, grabbed our drying rack, zipped back, and hopped our big gate thing that´s basically a ladder into our patio.  We have a big front gate with a door to the side that we go through to get to our patio, then there´s another door to actually get into our house. We weren´t sure if he had really tried to get in but we are good at keeping our doors locked!  The only thing we had outside was the drying rack.  People might just try to rob us again (his friends), so I felt inclined last night to make it a missionary opportunity instead by plainly leaving a Book of Mormon with a nice note on top of a bucket out in the front patio for whoever decides to surprise us with another visit!  Below is the photo of it.  The note says to read 2 Nephi 9:50-51.  We´ll see what happens!
Besides that excitment, Elder Poulton was sick this week and didn´t have any strength to do anything.  So while he caught up on sleep, I got some REALLY good studying in.  I exhort you all to study the Book of Mormon again and again and again!  Start with the scripture above!  Yes, you too, my nonmember friends.  I can only begin to describe the marvels of this book with a simple…it is one of the best gifts of God to us, His children, if only we study it daily with prayer and application.
Elder Poulton looks like a James Bond boss with his duffle bag full of money (or rather just clothes for soccer.)
José Luis:  They fell through on us with our appointment and didn´t come to church.  They are having trouble doing things like keeping the commitments on their own without us constantly reminding them.  Next lesson we are going to have a frank talk about what they must do for themselves, Doctrine and Covenants 58:26-29.
Fernanda:  They have a wedding date!!  It´s in October. Hopefully I have the opportunity to teach her all the way up until then!  We talked about how we need to meet more often and she is putting in the effort so that we can.
Ariza Family (Matias and Marina and their 6 kids):  All went to church again!!  We can see a change in them!  They are more content and there´s a lot of love in the family! We had a pizza dinner with them Friday and we brought them brownies (made from a box…sorry mom).  Next is to help them do the daily things and family home evenings.
I´m happy and content as a bean!  Things are definitely hard at times but as we yearn and learn by the Spirit, everything is AMAZING.
Love you!
Thanks Cami! :D