Rubèn 2

Rubèn an investigator of 44 years old is still going well towards his
baptism.  His brother passed away last weekend but he has taken it
well, understanding the purpose of life.  He came to church for the
second time yesterday.  The members received him well again.  We
enjoyed the fast and testimony meeting.  I bore my testimony on how
faith in Jesus Christ has made all the difference in my life.  I come
to understand more and more about what power it is and what it really
means to have faith in Jesus Christ.  The baptismal date for Rubèn is
June 20th. Let’s gooo!

One of my favorite parts as a missionary is being able to be in on
Ward Council meetings.  Meetings where we can get down to the nitty
gritty, communicate, improve things, put service and Christ-like
principles into action.  I’ve seen a lot of different meetings, some
good, some not so good.  Here in Francia, I’ve seen the best.
Efficient, effective, get down to the problem, create plans quick.
Something important that the bishop said (This bishop is the best), he
said that if there is someone that we don’t recognize that’s at
church, at an activity, we get to know them quick.  Introduce
ourselves, “I’m so and so, I live here, this is my family, my calling
is” then get to know the person.  This is a skill everyone needs to
put into practice, if there is someone you don’t know at church or at
an activity, GET to know them!  Another thing he explained is service.
“If we don’t put into practice service, real service, visiting a sick
person for example, all this doesn’t matter, all of this is blah.” And
that ‘s completely true.  These meetings are to communicate, put plans
into action, get out and serve, find, fellowship, lift-up.

I GOT PACKAGES!!!!! I got them all yesterday. [Linda note: these were sent in November]

I got a package from CarsAnne with an awesome watch that he used for
his 2 years in the mission in Romania.  A very sentimental gift, I
feel empowered just wearing it, knowing that it has been in the
presence of many spiritual, happy and growing experiences.  It already
has been through the whole life of a missionary, and now it will have
6 more months, going from house to house, knocking on doors, or
clapping at doors, shaking hands with innumerable amounts of friends
and strangers alike.  Thank you Cars for this awesome gift, and the
others that you and Anne sent!

I got a package from DereKat.  Superb pink tie, and perfect sized
shirt.  Thank you.

I got a package from GRhandi with much-needed, perfect and many socks.
I took a picture of my other socks with gaping holes and all. A studly
grey tie.  Complete with pictures of the fam that are stupendous.
You’re all looking super handsome.  And to top it off, a toffee bar
that I had to throw out because it had gone bad already!  It
looked/tasted nasty.  Blame it on all the time it took to reach me. I
checked and luckily it was only 5 bucks. Thank you for sending this


Needless to say, I have the best family in the world. I feel very
blessed.  While I was putting on the comfy new socks I was saying to
myself, “I’m so blessed, these socks are “so comfy” I’m so blessed.” To give back, I’ll keep working hard and
harder to find the Lord’s elect!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Orme


Christmas Packet came!

Hello Hello!
Mom the packet came!  Take a look at the pic!   I was suuuuuuuuper happy of course.  Thanks for the gifties. I was smothering my face with the “cozy socks”.  The ties and other socks are awesome and perfect!  I also received the nice notes from the ward and stake, very cool.  Hallelujah eh?! Thank heavens it arrived!  I will we very prepared for this Christmas season for this year! (I will put the decorations up in November!)
Take a look at the other pic I attached.  It’s of in front of our pension.  Many times during the day there are people that go by in carts and horses and bikes selling all types of goods.  Mostly fruits, vegetables, and churros.  This morning I took a pic of this man, his horse is named “Moni”, we bought eggs from him today.  Fun cultural nuggets that you don’t get in the USA.
Graham! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I hope you celebrate well. You will have to tell me about it.
G-o ‘n’ get ’em attitude.  You have a bravery to go and DO things. To act.
R-igorous in your studies to get your master’s degree and now to be a great father, husband, and fulfiller of your callings and covenants with God.
A-ctive.  Always “on the run” literally.
H-appy, “it’s always a good time!” You’re a great jokester and storyteller.
A-nxious for the welfare of your family and loved ones.
M-acho.  A great example of strength and bravery in facing the world
Love you big bud!
A cool experience over here that we had was:
We were with a young single adult man less active who at first didn’t feel good to pray because he is breaking the law of chastity with “girls” that he knows. But he has desires to change his life and knows he must or die in the pit he has fallen into. Now he is praying and has committed to read the scriptures. In our last lesson, the Spirit was there.  He felt the need to tell us what he has been doing, he said it’s something he can’t stop, something he can’t overcome.  With support from us and the strength of the Spirit, he then pulled out his cellphone and said, “I’m going to delete all the numbers of the girls that I have in front of you both.”  We said, “Do it.” Supporting him.  He went through his contacts one by one with us and deleted every number of a “bad girl”. He has some facebook contacts to delete but he said he would do that once we left (it was already late, and we didn’t want to see anything if there was the chance.)  This was an amazing achievement for him, of which I believe could have only been done by the strength of the Spirit that missionaries can bring.  We hope to see even more achievements made by him soon!
Love you fam,
Elder Orme

A very Argentine Christmas

My first Christmas out of the country!  It was very “tranquilo” one would say.  Means calm.  They celebrate it differently here.  Most people do have a little tree in the home with lights on it, and the REALLY hardcore people have a string of lights thrown on the outside of the house.  There’s no caroling that goes on.  There’s really not any Christmas music.  What a BUMMER, right?  But my companion and I got our fix listening to Christmas music in the pension (me singing them), visiting and singing to the elderly people at the elderly home, and to the members at any opportunity we had.  I wanted to get the tradition STARTED in Argentina, but, with all my efforts, I don’t think it caught on. :)  “Que va hacer”  A saying here that means “what can you do” while shrugging the shoulders.
Christmas day I spoke to the fam!!  The best gift! Then at night we ate at the Abuela’s.  In the pictures below, La Abuela, is the small woman with the big glasses.  She looks a little estranged in these pictures (becuase she doesn’t smile in any of them) but she is the sweetest, hard-working, loving woman here.  And she slabbed a full-on pig on the asado for us to eat big that night!  Pig is probably my favorite meat here.  Afterwards we let off some floating lanterns.  Who knew those things were super fun?!  I finally caught on.
IMG_0168 IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0159 IMG_0164 IMG_0166 IMG_0167
On Christmas day, they don’t have gifts waiting by the tree in the morning for all the kids to run to.  It’s just a day off from work!  We did our best as disciples of Christ to remind people to worship and thank God for our beloved Savior this day.
On the missionary work, we had some great lessons this week with people!  I love teaching the truth and teaching it with much more smoothness now since my spanish is a whole lot better.  We are always seeing what more we can do as missionaries with every moment we have to help others come unto Christ.
Love you all…Happy New Year!  Feliz Año Nuevo!
Elder Orme