Hola Hola,

We found a great little family! We´ve only had one lesson with them so far but they seem promising. The parents are married! Yes! It´s rare to find a married couple. Claudio and Lydiana Rodriguez with young girl Milagro.

We were contacting near our home. We walked up to a pleasant, blue home with 2 dogs in the dog-walk and a parrot yelping and climbing up the dog-walk gate. We clapped and a little, petit woman came out, Lydiana. We introduced ourselves and she was nice. A man walks up from behind who turns out and it´s her husband, Claudio. He greets us and we present ourselves. He turns a little cold as he explains how he has lost hope in religion because every church he´s tried has had people praising and showing off their false “righteousness” in church, but then being a completely different person outside. Therefore, he tries to walk in the light of Christ he has on his own. I didn´t think he was going to let us in but we asked him if we could enter his home and talk with them for a tad and he said yes! I was surprised! Cool! Let´s go for it! It was a great lesson. Claudio said on his own that he felt a good compelling feeling inside of him that brought contentment and peace to his heart. We told him…”that´s the Spirit!” They want to pray, ask the Lord, and study the Book of Mormon to find out more truthfulness. Claudio was apparently baptized in the LDS church when he was going to church with his friends as a kid…but completely forgot about all that. But he was really excited that he re-found this church and the promises it has. To be continued!…


Culture: People drive however they want. I´m very surpised I haven´t seen a crash yet. I´ve seen dogs get hit by cars yes! but not car vs. car.
Another dead cat!
We´ve found a lot of people who used to live in the States…usually Florida, but returned to Argentina when it was hard for them to find work there. All of them have said, “I lived in the States, life is better there, here…it is not the same.” But they have work here. Much is governed by the way a country founds its principles and people! Every person´s home can be their own little stick of promised land as they found their home on gospel principles and strive to live them!

IMG_1620    IMG_1610

Sergio said he would come to church this past Sunday, but didn´t. He’ll get there.

We wake up to ice on the ground now! Luckily we are warm enough!

If Argentina and USA win their individual Eighth Finals for the World cup…they will face off!! Both games happen the 7th of July.

Ah! Have a happy July 4th! What a fantastic holiday! Go throw a frisbee, eat a hamburger, and watch the fireworks for me!

Love you!

Elder Orme



Bufanda means scarf. A member has lent me one and it does wondrous things against the cold.

‘ey look ma’! I´m making myself salads! Good stuff. The lettuce, carrots, lemon juice, and salt…perfect.

Things are good! Gotta say the Gospel is amazing and I´m happy! Read the word of God everyday to stay on track!

dinner with members!


Hermano Miguel! He was baptized the same time as Maria Garcia. Both Miguel and Maria are going strong!

Not too much progress of our investigators this week. Many times we try to meet with them or have something set and then they are either not home or something falls through. We are working on helping them understand the importance of the message and our time. And also, we are still contacting a lot of people.

The World Cup is coming up! It´s going to be loco!

Love you!

-Elder Orme

some members after an activity we elders lead. we lead one every other week and they are great! We teach a gospel principle or share parts of the scriptures and the principles to apply from them, then we play a game. So Spirit…and fun!




Boy is it getting cold around here. During studies in the morning we are prone to use the oven as a way to heat our limbs and the place up! We are soon getting a heater to help us out with that. I use sweaters, plural!, everyday now. I usually need to put on two. Who knew Argentina would get so cold! It´s not winter yet but for me it´s cold enough. Nature down here needs to turn the sun up a notch. One day there was hail the size of olives!!! That was exciting.

Blood sausage sandwich!

Dinner with the Bishop

Churro with Bishop!

Dinner with the Villa Elders. “Beef Strogies” with Milanesas!


This week we achieved our goal of 140 contacts again for the second time. Still, it´s difficult to achieve this and then find the time to focus on just teaching…the most important part! But the promise of the mission is that if we get 140 for four weeks, we will see many baptisms. Another hard thing is that Empalme is so small!!! We are extreeeemly sucking it dry. Every door we pass we say, “Did they answer last time?? Let´s do it anyway to find out!” At times we contact the same people within 3 days! Funny story!…We were on exchanges and I was leading again; we contacted a lot that day…then it became night time and we went contacting again. I said “Let´s try this house.” So we knocked, then right as the man was opening the door my companion blurted in surprise, “We’ve already contacted this place today!” And the man is standing there…and we say “holaaaaa como está?!” When we contacted before we mostly spoke with the daughter and so he said we should come back when his daughter is around. “Okay, we’ll do that!” we said. Good stuff!

Making gnocchi!

And this is chicken….good, good chicken. (Bishop’s)

Elder Bennett and I on the roofs of Argentina! We can go on top of the roof of their place in Villa.
IMG_1445  IMG_1451 IMG_1452

A Panaderia! Where they sell delicious facturas and other bread based products.

I studied on the roof this morning! I tell ya, it´s very nice to study gospel topics in a tranquil spot outside…helps to feel the Spirit! I did!


Sergio: We’ve had one more lesson with him so far. It was okay. We didn´t set up the atmosphere very well. It was the morning, his mother was there to visit, and his wife had cleaning to do. We met his wife and she´s nice! We met his two little kids and they are beautiful. This family is so perfect for the gospel! We taught Sergio the beginning principles of “The Plan of Salvation”, lesson 2. It was okay. I learned that we have to set up the lesson better, tell them both to make time to solely listen to us for the time we are there. Because we really want the wife to be in on this! Not just him. And we could tell that he was a uncomfortable listening to us while his wife was around, not in on the discussion. So in order for him to feel the Spirit if his wife is there, they need to listen together!

Bueno, love you!!

Elder Orme, Captain EO