It’s the Shire, Baggins!

We literally live in the Shire!  My comp and I are always making Hobbit quotes because it just FITS here!

By the way, Cristina Martinez from my last area, Baigorria, got baptized!  I’m overjoyed for her and her family!

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Hola familia y amigos! Que tal?!
This week was tough with the Branch becuase we’ve fully realized how there’s an unlimited amount of things we could do to improve the church here.  It is indeed the notorious “white wash” adventure we are having! Luckily we have been wise and have been focusing on the most important things, one step at a time.  Trying to make good decisions that are full of love and the best for the people and members of Feliciano.
We made empanadas again!  My technique has been refined. haha
This is a view from our pension.
And THIS, this is LAMB in the fridge.  Fresh.
My Zone
It was mother´s day here this past sunday. Happy Mother´s Day MOM, I LOVE YOU!!!! I gave a talk in church about mothers. 13 people came this time. And 8 left after sacrament meeting (missing the 2 hours after) to do who know’s what with their families I guess for Mother’s Day. That wasn’t really cool. But we had a great next 2 hours with the 5 that stayed! Like I said……a lot of work.  But we are happy and of good cheer Elder Lopez and I!
We went to and touched the Paraná River!
My Zone
Río Paraná
Ever since we have arrived, we noticed a truly weird noise coming from the tall grass as we are walking to people´s houses.  The Feliciano Water Nymph we called it! What a joke!  If you have seen Pokemon, it sounds like a Jigglypuff.  Some members finally told us that it’s a type of small, poisonous frog of some sort, so don’t pick them up they told us!
Love you all!!  Wish you the best!
Elder Orme

Hola San José de Feliciano

So!  Feliciano!

Totally farmland.  Sheep, grass, trees, dirt roads, beautiful rain and thunder storms, and really a beautiful place when it’s overcast….when it’s not….it’s HOT.  Real dressed up Gauchos are very often to meet!   Most of the houses don’t have house numbers.  “Go down that way and once you hit the shoe-shop, take a right and the house is between calle this and calle that in front of the kioskito.  There you’ll find that family.”  It’s an adventure getting around. Well actually an adventure with a lot of things here!
IMG_0008IMG_0009 - copia
Our little chapel is a house.  We don’t live there though.  16 people attended church yesterday.  Wohooo, small.  Basically, 2 families showed up.  One family is the “Abuela” (who everybody refers to her by, which means Grandma) and Matías, who has 17 years, they are both pictured below.  They are basically the one very strong family (of 2) that are STRONG in testimony and truth.  Matías and Abuela have been the only ones helping us out with anything.  We weren’t received well, by the other (12) members who attended church.  They were quite cold.  Luckily there is an elderly married missionary that attends our branch but they live out of the mission!  But my companion who is the Branch President and I led a good first sunday church meeting.  My companion has been pretty nervous with all the new responsibility but he is getting by well so far.  My companion is awesome by the way!  We get along SUPER well.  An amazing blessing.  I´m doing all I can to do all I can.  I taught the young men class of 2 and it went well.  I´m basically the “secretary” of the branch…it’s weird handling the tithing and fast offerings (putting records in the computer and what not).  My eyes are REALLY being opened to how a ward or branch runs just like Dad recently said to me that they would.
Only the true church of God can put 2 young men, strangers of the country,  20 years of age, in positions to lead a group of members in worship services without any prior experience or training, and have it run successful anyhow.  No other church can do it!  Because this is God´s church.
My companion, Elder Lopez is from Utah.  His parents were born and raised in Guatemala but moved to the States in their younger years.  Elder Lopez is as yankee (shankee as they call us here) as you can be.  We’re doing it together!
Our goal here is to bring ENERGY to this place because there is a lack of it.  And it is our prayer that we can do so!  (We have to travel 2 hours by bus to make it to the nearest district meeting…wow!)
Many adventures and stories to come.  Onward and upward!  Love you all!
Elder Orme of Gaucholand

I’ll explain the last bits of pics below from my last area Baigorria.

1  Elder Bluth!  A stud of a man and a bud of mine.  He’s new and has spanish just like I had when I started.
2  Agenor is this real Lamanite descendant’s name.  He’s a returned missionary.
3  And here we have the Martinez family!! Finally eh?  This is the woman that was set for baptism yesterday (I haven’t heard back from anyone yet on how it went).  Cristina Martinez!  From stone cold heart against the church to lovable, ball-of-joy, spiritual and totally ready to live the commandments.  Ramón Martinez who was a member, went inactive, now is active with his wife, and has stopped drinking and smoking.  (2 of their daughters are in the pic too.)  My last lesson with Cristina was tender.
4  Here is Cristian and Antonella!
5 And here are the 2 Peyrano brothers we helped reactivate. They were super bummed to have me go.

Hasta Luego Baigorria

Tomorrow is transfers and we got word today that I am GONE BABY!  I’m headed tomorrow morning to another pueblito, small little village, called Feliciano!  It’s in the zone La Paz, in the province of Entre Rios!  I’m going to Entre Rios!  Which means I’ll be crossing over the big Rosario-Victoria bridge over the Rio Paraná. I’ve heard it’s more naturey and scenic in Entre Rios.

My new companion is Elder Lopez. North American but some Latino descent.  He used to be the Finance Clerk for the offices.  From the times I’ve met him, he’s a great elder!  He will actually be the Branch President for our little Branch in Feliciano!  I’m really excited to be his right-hand man!  I imagine it’s going to be an adventure!  Being two elders, leading a branch.  What things I’ll learn!  I´m stoked to let you know what it`s like next week!
The bishop and family.  Great man!  They have a sheep as their pet instead of a dog!  Named “Amiga”.  What a laugh.  They like her because she cuts the grass and only leaves little droppings for her doo-droppings!
Rock star members that fed us every Tuesday night.
So goodbye Granadero Baigorria!!  I will miss it a lot!  I love this area, the ward, the people, our investigators.  I will unfortunately miss watching Sister Cristina Martinez being baptized this coming Sunday! Dang!  We told her this morning at her door that I was leaving and she began to cry…which made me cry, dang it!  But we will have one last lesson tonight with her and Ramón.  We are going to run over the baptismal interview questions.  Don`t worry I’ll take a picture with them!
This is Emanuel!  We re-activated him and his brother.
We went to the birthday party of a member for a tad of time.  I got to talk to a non-member woman who said she already has a Book of Mormon and has read a little bit.  Yup…we got to B-day parties to seek potential investigators…
I’ve been in Baigorria here for 2 transfers (3 months).  I didn’t get to “officially” be here to baptize, but it has been such a pleasure to preach and teach the good word of God to our good friends who were touched by the message.  Antonella investigator is for sure being baptized in November. They are almost done with their mini house (for her and Cristian) and will be married in November also.  She’s a sweet angel!  I will miss teaching her becuase every time the Spirit was very strong!  Fernanda “Cheese” Formagio will be baptized in November also.  We’ve reactivated some in-actives.  I learned a lot from Elder Poulton my companion and will miss the big guy! (elder!).  He’s a very intelligent person, fantastic teacher, and always makes clever jokes.
The awesome member family with whom we always taught Antonella.
Fun members that always fed us every Wednesday night.
Hasta Luego Baigorria!
Love you fam and friends…you’re the best!
Elder Orme IV