Hasta Luego Baigorria

Tomorrow is transfers and we got word today that I am GONE BABY!  I’m headed tomorrow morning to another pueblito, small little village, called Feliciano!  It’s in the zone La Paz, in the province of Entre Rios!  I’m going to Entre Rios!  Which means I’ll be crossing over the big Rosario-Victoria bridge over the Rio Paraná. I’ve heard it’s more naturey and scenic in Entre Rios.

My new companion is Elder Lopez. North American but some Latino descent.  He used to be the Finance Clerk for the offices.  From the times I’ve met him, he’s a great elder!  He will actually be the Branch President for our little Branch in Feliciano!  I’m really excited to be his right-hand man!  I imagine it’s going to be an adventure!  Being two elders, leading a branch.  What things I’ll learn!  I´m stoked to let you know what it`s like next week!
The bishop and family.  Great man!  They have a sheep as their pet instead of a dog!  Named “Amiga”.  What a laugh.  They like her because she cuts the grass and only leaves little droppings for her doo-droppings!
Rock star members that fed us every Tuesday night.
So goodbye Granadero Baigorria!!  I will miss it a lot!  I love this area, the ward, the people, our investigators.  I will unfortunately miss watching Sister Cristina Martinez being baptized this coming Sunday! Dang!  We told her this morning at her door that I was leaving and she began to cry…which made me cry, dang it!  But we will have one last lesson tonight with her and Ramón.  We are going to run over the baptismal interview questions.  Don`t worry I’ll take a picture with them!
This is Emanuel!  We re-activated him and his brother.
We went to the birthday party of a member for a tad of time.  I got to talk to a non-member woman who said she already has a Book of Mormon and has read a little bit.  Yup…we got to B-day parties to seek potential investigators…
I’ve been in Baigorria here for 2 transfers (3 months).  I didn’t get to “officially” be here to baptize, but it has been such a pleasure to preach and teach the good word of God to our good friends who were touched by the message.  Antonella investigator is for sure being baptized in November. They are almost done with their mini house (for her and Cristian) and will be married in November also.  She’s a sweet angel!  I will miss teaching her becuase every time the Spirit was very strong!  Fernanda “Cheese” Formagio will be baptized in November also.  We’ve reactivated some in-actives.  I learned a lot from Elder Poulton my companion and will miss the big guy! (elder!).  He’s a very intelligent person, fantastic teacher, and always makes clever jokes.
The awesome member family with whom we always taught Antonella.
Fun members that always fed us every Wednesday night.
Hasta Luego Baigorria!
Love you fam and friends…you’re the best!
Elder Orme IV


Time and time again, I come to a realization that Dragonball-Z is not as extinct as I thought it was in the states.  It seems like the fad is just getting started here in Argentina!!!  So many youth and young adults are in love with the show.  We taught some less-actives that have been coming to church now this week, 2 young adult men…and their room is decked with Dragonball posters, the shows on DVD, and video-games.  Funny stuff!

A photo with the cute Ariza kids and their new pups!

This week went well!  Some things were a bummer but there were miracles as well.
Antonella is progressing slower than she could due to the insecurities of her boyfriend Cristian.  He’s causing some problems but we are working through them!  He’s got “controlling” issues.  He doesn’t want Antonella being a power-house member without him basically.
Miracle!!!….Cristina Martinez who would always say she was doing the “gospel things” in order to help her husband Ramón get better, but has now realized that she can’t live without the gospel!! She knows she needs to work out her own salvation too!!!  She said it frankly during gospel principles class.  EXACTLY what Elder Poulton and I wanted her to come to learn.  She and Ramón have been coming to church for 3 consecutive Sundays now.  They invited us over for lunch and told us during it that they as a couple have made the goal to be SEALED IN THE TEMPLE!  Is that a good goal??? one might ask. Uh…the BEST!!!!  We will help them to fulfill that goal!!!  Next lesson we plan to set a baptismal date!
A view of the Rosario-Victoria bridge again. Beautiful.
The other investigators are doing well, just trying to work out relational/marriage deals in order to get baptized.  There’s still more we can do as missionaries to help the people and things we can get better at!
Why not some fun stories eh?:  We had lunch with a very sweet and old member lady.  She’s almost deaf and close to the end, getting loopy.  One that speaks super loud during church because she can’t hear herself talk. :D  She answers a call of a friend during lunch and says to her “I’m eating lunch with two nice-looking boys.  One more nice then the other!  You should invite them over to lunch so you could eat with nice-looking boys too!”  Then she simply bursts out laughing! Elder Poulton and I joked for the rest of the day, giving the other the benefit of the doubt that HE was the “nicer-looking” one that granny referred too.  We washed her dishes and heard her tell stories…a fun visit.
Remember the woman I told about who popped over the wall and said, “That’s my wall don’t touch it!” Our lady neighbor. And we decided to help resolve any unresolved feelings about the situation with brownies and a visit. Yes, that woman!  We made brownies and while doing so, I joked that perhaps she might be diabetic and not be able to accept the brownies anyway and it would all just go wrong.  We spoke with her, and handed her the brownies.  She runs in the house with the brownies, runs back and hands the rest to us saying…”I’m diabetic but I took out four for my two sons.  Here have the rest.”  What!? We were BLOWN away!  But the visit was nice and the neighbor is content.
One cool thing is that Elder Poulton and I have great unity in our teaching.  I think of something that I feel should be said or asked and then he does exactly what I was going to express.  Perfect!  Of course we have moments when we disagree, but we come to a good conclusion because we both have the same goal in mind, and that’s to serve God and the people.
I love you all!  Hope all is well!
Elder Orme

Baigorria x 2

Transfers are tomorrow (that´s why I´m writing today and not yesterday) and I´m staying in the grand Baigorria with the grand Elder Poulton as my companion!

We had a good week with a fair amount of great lessons.  
José Luis and family are slowly going.  
Fernanda is doing awesome.  We had an excellent “Gospel of Jesus Christ” lesson and she said that once she is “segura” (sure of everything), she will be baptized “pronto” (right away) after her wedding in October. Whooo!
Like I said we had some fabulous lessons this week with new investigators and less-actives but not any really showed up to church.  Oh the agency!
Story!: We met some Paraguayans 2 weeks ago and finally had a lesson with them on Sunday.  This would be our 2nd visit with them.  A man and woman of perhaps 30 years old.  We passed by unnannounced, entered, and asked what they were doing today.  They said “we´re packing.”  “For what?” we say.  “We´re going on a trip to Paraguay.”  “oh cool!” we say. “For how long?” we ask.  “Until February of next year” they say!!!!! “or maybe forever!”  What noooooooo! Not just a mini 3 day trip or something???? i was thinking.  They would have been BOMB investigators. But anyway we shared the first lesson of Joseph Smith and the Restoration with them and it was great because they began to have confidence in us and warm up to us when before they were a tad more timid.  
The wife (yes they are married!) began to ask questions. “What happens after we die?  Because I battle with my brothers about this…believing that there is more after this life.” GREAT QUESTION! We answered her question simply and expressed that there is so much more also, and all of this knowledge are the fruits of the Restoration.  She was super excited and filled with the Spirit!  We were too!  The husband was a little timid but was smiling.  “Don´t gooooooooo!” I was thinking.  The wife said she would memorize the Plan of Salvation booklet.  And I gave her a Book of Mormon that she can read after she has the booklet memorized ;) We invited them anyway we could to keep learning more and to find the church in Paraguay.  We got their home info to pass on to those missionaries in Paraguay.  Whoo!  We planted a great seed for them!
Other than this there is nothing much else to explain for this week!
Love you all!
Elder Orme IV