August 3, 2015

Thanks Dad.  I’m doing my best to fulfill my calling worthily!  It is a blessing to be here in La Paz.  I plan on giving it my all, leaving everything!

It’s a fun zone, everything really close together.  we have a pair of sister missionaries in our branch, and another branch that meets in our building with 2 other pairs of missionaries.  so we have 2 elder companionships, and 2 sister companionships.  We all see each other a lot. Very different from my other areas where it was only 1 a week when we saw other companionships. Today we organized soccer to play at the church with the youth.

During last week when I arrived to La Paz, I met and we taught investigators Mario and Tamara. Yesterday, this young couple of ours came to church!  Mario (22 years old) and Tamara (19 years old) and their little boy Gerónimo (2 years old).  It was an achievement because Mario had started listening to the missionaries 3 years ago, but had never gone to church.  They came, and so far they have planned to come again next week!  Let’s pray they obtain a deep testimony and a deeper yearning to continue on their spiritual journey.
Last night we had a Family Home Evening here at the church.  A good get together. Tonight we have another family home evening planned with a less-active family.  The theme will be Family Unity, using paper cut out links, each with every family member’s name on each, linking all together to make a great family chain.  And how every member of the family unifies and makes the family stronger.
Our family is SUPER unified and amazing.  I know it’s only through the restored Gospel and how each us individually lives it.
3 mission presidents it is, for once I one-upped Dad in something! :D
Love you a ton,
Elder Orme

Press on enduring with Joy in the Journey!


We have been working a ton. Elder Fish knows how to be efficient. Days go by even faster now because we are doing more…WORK together. :) It´s good stuff! Maria Garcia is still happy from the baptism.

We had the BEST ward activity…a dance with food! We have some new investigators who came to the baptism of the their brother and now they have been attending ward activities. We hope to have Family Home Evening tonight with them. Anyway we had a dance which was a blast! Definitely tempted to kick out the groovy shoes! Wow was it a temptation!!!
There´s a lot of new investigators that we have and the hard thing is to keep up with all of them. Not let much time go by with additional contact. It´s hard not to let people slip through the cracks, especially the golden people! I will talk more in detail about certain people as we see them progressing. Right now we have a lot of “beginners” in the track to heaven so I´ll let you know next week how much they´ve progressed.
There was another beautiful, outrageous storm the other day. I believe lighting struck right next to our apartment. The power was out for most of the morning and so we boiled water on the stove to use for a shower by candlelight.


Thank for the family pic. People say our family picture looks like from a movie. We are soooooo blessed in the States! Some Elders are asking me about Reagan :D

We are doing well. Working hard. The Mission is difficult, because the agency of others is on the line. There are a lot of little things that fight missionary work. And it´s impossible to have everything perfect…impossible. But things not working out “perfectly” in our way of thinking is not how it will work anyway. We live in an imperfect world, with imperfect people, surroundings, and logistics. All God asks is our Best! Faith! Joy in the Journey of mortality! We are here to learn and learning we will do! But with Gratitude and Joy! Press on enduring with steadfast faith in Christ!


-Elder Orme, Captain EO

Hey howdeedoo and an Hola to you

hello fam,

Hey…I just love you all! You are the best! I tell people all the time why this Gospel is such a blessing. I tell them of my family and that ya´ll are perfect! I like to brag about you…but you know…with the spirit :)

Like I told Derek…I can´t wait to lead! I can´t wait to take hold of the reins and stretch my wings. The other day we had divisions and I lead the area and I got a taste of leading and it was big and juicy!

The 23-ish aged girls we had a first lesson with have told us through text that they aren´t interested in more lessons. We will see about that! :) We will check up on them in a little bit.
Maria Garcia is still going well…a very smooth investigator.
The others we have plans to get a date for baptism.

Thank you mom for your companion advice…it is well taken. I hope my last email shed more light on E. Holloway. We wouldn´t be friends outside of the mission but I´m serving and loving him the way I know how.

The amazing St. Brian! What a stud. wonderful news to hear he keeps going to church.

Funny information about Lindsey Sterling, Mom. I wish Maria Dance has success such as her!
Mom, it is pretty safe to send things. Be careful with stuff tho…it may or may not get stolen. It all depends on who ends up handling the stuff. No food can be sent. Sis. Bingham or Andrews might be able to help you out because of their children that went to Argentina.

Address to send things:

Mision Argentina Rosario

Love you all!