Rubèn 2

Rubèn an investigator of 44 years old is still going well towards his
baptism.  His brother passed away last weekend but he has taken it
well, understanding the purpose of life.  He came to church for the
second time yesterday.  The members received him well again.  We
enjoyed the fast and testimony meeting.  I bore my testimony on how
faith in Jesus Christ has made all the difference in my life.  I come
to understand more and more about what power it is and what it really
means to have faith in Jesus Christ.  The baptismal date for Rubèn is
June 20th. Let’s gooo!

One of my favorite parts as a missionary is being able to be in on
Ward Council meetings.  Meetings where we can get down to the nitty
gritty, communicate, improve things, put service and Christ-like
principles into action.  I’ve seen a lot of different meetings, some
good, some not so good.  Here in Francia, I’ve seen the best.
Efficient, effective, get down to the problem, create plans quick.
Something important that the bishop said (This bishop is the best), he
said that if there is someone that we don’t recognize that’s at
church, at an activity, we get to know them quick.  Introduce
ourselves, “I’m so and so, I live here, this is my family, my calling
is” then get to know the person.  This is a skill everyone needs to
put into practice, if there is someone you don’t know at church or at
an activity, GET to know them!  Another thing he explained is service.
“If we don’t put into practice service, real service, visiting a sick
person for example, all this doesn’t matter, all of this is blah.” And
that ‘s completely true.  These meetings are to communicate, put plans
into action, get out and serve, find, fellowship, lift-up.

I GOT PACKAGES!!!!! I got them all yesterday. [Linda note: these were sent in November]

I got a package from CarsAnne with an awesome watch that he used for
his 2 years in the mission in Romania.  A very sentimental gift, I
feel empowered just wearing it, knowing that it has been in the
presence of many spiritual, happy and growing experiences.  It already
has been through the whole life of a missionary, and now it will have
6 more months, going from house to house, knocking on doors, or
clapping at doors, shaking hands with innumerable amounts of friends
and strangers alike.  Thank you Cars for this awesome gift, and the
others that you and Anne sent!

I got a package from DereKat.  Superb pink tie, and perfect sized
shirt.  Thank you.

I got a package from GRhandi with much-needed, perfect and many socks.
I took a picture of my other socks with gaping holes and all. A studly
grey tie.  Complete with pictures of the fam that are stupendous.
You’re all looking super handsome.  And to top it off, a toffee bar
that I had to throw out because it had gone bad already!  It
looked/tasted nasty.  Blame it on all the time it took to reach me. I
checked and luckily it was only 5 bucks. Thank you for sending this


Needless to say, I have the best family in the world. I feel very
blessed.  While I was putting on the comfy new socks I was saying to
myself, “I’m so blessed, these socks are “so comfy” I’m so blessed.” To give back, I’ll keep working hard and
harder to find the Lord’s elect!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Orme




We found Rubén in the former investigadores section of the area book.  We’ve had two great lessons, and he came to church yesterday and had a stupendous time.  We look forward to continue working with him.

More news to come with Mario and María Rosa.

I’ve learned a lot this week on the importance of simply inviting.  Keep your baptismal covenants by being a witness of God and Christ in all things, all time, and all places by simply inviting people to learn more about the restored Gospel in some way.  Create conversations of the Gospel by using Mormon words in every day conversations, normally and in a matter-of-fact way.  If someone seems to be interested, find out their interests and tell them how they can learn more through the missionaries. Family, I invite you to offer up your homes as places where the missionaries can teach people.  The next time the missionaries come over, explain that you are willing to hold discussions in the home.

My sister Reagan goes home from her mission in Korea in one week.  I will miss having my missionary buddy.  She’s the best sister I could have.

Adelante y Arriba!

Elder Orme

Cordoba Temple Dedication

The Cordoba Argentina Temple was dedicated yesterday!
It was a special experience.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to see apostles in different settings than just General Conference.  Dieter F. Uchtdorf and D. Todd Christofferson were there.  It was great to do the “Hosanna Exclamation”; it reminded me of the Nauvoo re-dedication, when Reagan and I did the Hosanna Exclamation for the first time.  Right at the beginning of the shout when we started waving the handkerchief Reagan’s handkerchief caught mine and it flew through the air and landed in the bench across the way.  Reagan and I couldn`t stop laughing! Mom snapped at us for being irreverent, but it was difficult for Reagan and I not to throw glances at one another and start laughing again.  Yesterday, nothing like that happened so I was able to keep my cool!   The Hosanna Exclamation was begun at the Kirtland Temple dedication.  In similitude of when all people shouted in one “Hosanna!” when Jesus triumphantly entered into Jerusalem, and when the Nephites shouted “Hosanna!” when the resurrected Jesus visited the land Bountiful.
It was also a powerful moment when singing the hymn “the Spirit of God”.  Yesterday we had 3 dedication sessions, Elder Christofferson stated that Prophet Wilford Woodruff held 32 dedication sessions for the Salt Lake Temple. 32! He wanted as much people as possible to participate.  All in all a great experience yesterday, and a fantastic demonstration of the progression of God’s work in these days.
We had some great lessons this past week.  Mario (21 years old), is progressing FAST.  I feel the Spirit strongly when we are with him.  Speak of the devil!  He just walked in!  Here in the internet ciber place!  He is awesome!  We have another appointment tomorrow with him! Sweet.
Thanks to all for your prayers!  Invite anyone and everyone to learn more about the restored gospel. Even if they say no, you did your part.
-Elder Orme
We went to the Rosario Monument again :) [No pictures attached]