I am in Baigorria. It is the North Rosario Zone. Just like the zone suggests, Baigorria, is a city north of the big city of Rosario. It´s a WAY different area then chicito little Empalme. It´s a whole lot bigger. A lot more people…whoo!!!! So many people to be able to teach. The buildings are bigger. There´s a lot of big trees. It´s nice looking. People are AWAKE during the siesta (sleeping hours of the afternoon), such a big plus. It´s a tad drier.

3_baigorria     2_baigorria

Moreno 353, Baigorria is the address of our old pension if you want to look it up. We have a new pension, but the bummer is that nothing is inside yet. So we are gathering all the materials to live there. Which is going slow because we don´t want to use the whole day gathering things. Right now we are living with 2 others elders in the area next to ours. Arroyito it´s called. We roll out mattresses for the night and we are really good at sharing everything. It’s been fun really! Hopefully not for much longer because we are losing time traveling back and forth to our area. But the other elders are awesome and so is my companion!



My companion is Elder Poulton. He is 20 years old, is from Bountiful Utah, and went to Utah State University for a year. Oh, how we battle it out. He´s got 1 year and a half on the mission and is the district leader as well. He´s funny, good at spanish, a great teacher, and buys me a ton of food!

The ward is small. We had an asistance count for church yesterday of 35. The church building is a rented out house. So a small building but great! I felt the Spirit as I was looking around. A small little place that teaches the most profound and important principles on earth. The strong members that come every Sunday are very strong and are working in the work of the Lord. Visiting people and what-not. We have a handful of investigators and soon will add on to that.

I´m doing well! My testimony is ever-so deep and strong. If there´s anything you do everyday, please read the scriptures! Everything will build of that. “The Power of the Word” -Ezra Taft Benson.

Love you!

-Elder Orme IV


Pic explanations! Here´s a lot of families that I said goodbye to in empalme.

-Elder Poulton
-Family Mamaní.  We´ve tried very hard to reactivate her. The mom is the pink sitting down.
-Bishop and fam.
-Luis and fam.  He´s blind but manages to get around his little shop (kiosko they call it).  He always asks, “Where´s my green money!?” in english.
-Maria García and máximo. My convert! She´s still strong! The father still won´t allow Máximo to be baptized but Maria wants it for him badly. Tender good-bye.
-Some of the family Pay.  Juani, my convert, smashed in the middle.  His parents don´t give him money to go to church and he has a hard time having the motivation to wake himself up.  Franco in the green sweatshirt, my convert, is still incredibly strong and manages to find money from his parents to go to church every week.
-Farewell to awesome Ismael!
-Us 4 missionaries eating lunch.  Elder Poulton knows how to cook SO WEEEEEELL. I´m a lucky dog.

Creo en Cristo

This is my very short main email.

We have a golden new investigator! Maria Garcia who is perhaps 30 years, humble, kind, tender, a little sensitive, with a son Maximo who is 8, I believe a husband who she is separated from because he´s bad.  The first lesson about the Restoration went great because we have a golden member who was there to help.  Maria and Maximo have come to church and we look forward to another lesson tonight

Franco….he´s getting baptized this Saturday!

The ugly dog you see we call Fea which means ugly because it´s an UGLY female dog that just roams around our feet while teaching.  She makes me happy.

Juani with Fea.


And pics with the other Elders in our ward.

Turn it Over to Him

Hello All!

Elder Holloway and I had our first baptism and confirmation this weekend! Oh what a joy it is to watch someone enter the waters of baptism.  Let me tell you about this little man!  His name is Juani Pay. 11 years of age.  He is fantastic.  He´s fun, kind, and a happy goofball.  And he reminds me of a chipmunk he´s so great. Love him!  Elder Holloway and his previous companion has been working with his fam for a while.  His elder brother of 17 is the rock for the Gospel in the family.  He is Ismael.  And he was baptized 2 months ago and also another brother, Jesus, of 14 years old.  Their parents are inactive.  But they are cool with them being baptized.  But Ismael is SOLID.  He is amazing!  That´s why those boys can be successful is through Ismael´s steller example.

Juani is the little chipmunk in the middle.  (He likes that I call him that so it´s okay).  And Ismael…his stud of a brother is in the white with the tie who baptized him.

The mom is in the pink. And Jesus is the plaid shirt.  Some other kids from a different family too.
IMG_1075 IMG_1077

Their home is a very humble abode! They are pretty poor.  It´s also kind of a zoo!  “Dogs, cats, living together…mass histeria!”  It´s true!  I look over and cats are breeding in the corner and little kittens running around.  Dogs scrounging.  and we call this one dog “Fea”!  which means ugly because it really is the meaning of ugly!  And they’re not even their dogs. They just roam around.  There´s a lot of children too!  About 8 I believe and another on the way!  I love this Pay family.  I hope the best for the rest of the children as we continue to visit them and strengthen them to change their lives and actions from that of their parents.  To be strong in the Gospel because that is what´s going to make their lives successful.  The oldest 3 young men of the family are now baptized and strong!  Ismael, Jesus, then Juani.

So yes…it´s an adventure here.  The people LOVE their jugo! (“juice”) and oooooh boy I´m starting to like it too!  Watch out Mom! ha  A lot of food is fried and breaded meats!  Pretty good! but there is really no healthy options here besides the fruit and veggies. Everything else is just enjoyable!  Jugo and bread with every meal.
A lot of people wear peircings in odd places on their face here.  And pretty nasty looking peircings too.  They kind of just stick out which isn´t really appealing. The men do a lot of it too.  The people are friendly! People kind of just want to enjoy life here.  Especially the Empalme people enjoy the tranquility. Once again…they take no thought on being sanitary ha! “Oh you want food?  Here´s this plate that I just rinsed solely with water on it.” It´s not everybody.  A lot of the people are somewhat sanitary compared to the US.  And i´m not sick yet….so WHAT is with all the hoopla in the States of being sanitary huh? Don´t understand haha.  I´m sure the Lord is blessing us with good health.

We soley walk around and then ride collectivos or city buses that pass by when we need to travel.  I love the factoras here!  They are a small pastry.  I eat them rarely because I´ve been taught how to eat well but there´s a fun small factory where you can hop in…pay 2 pesos…and you have a delightful pastry of goodness haha.
Once again, animals breed here.  They just keep comin everywhere haha.  Kind of like ants and San Diego.  They make things interesting and fun really!

My title is what I feel would be a good passage for ya´ll to read!  It´s the “consider the lilies” one.  Don´t fret about the things of tomorrow or the things that don´t matter as much.  For God knows all your needs and will provide them to you if you have faith to always look to and follow Him first.  I know that when we put him first…everything aligns.  Please read D&C 84:81-85 and also Matthew 6:31-34 and pray and ponder its words.

Another thing I´m learning is that a reason I´m here is because of my personality.  I will be able to touch certain people with the qualities that God has given me. That´s exciting.

Until next time! Love to you all and my best wishes!

-Elder Orme