I am meditative after reading many reports from my parents about youth that have returned from their missions.

I’m loving the mission more than ever! The mission life is the best life! I am super blessed. We had a great week.

Elder Viñas from the Seventy came to us! It was incredible. This is the 3rd Seventy that I’ve met on the mission. But this conference with him was an incredible experience for me. He spoke many wonderful and beautiful things. But the main point was the Atonement. Through this visit, I was boosted with Spirit, yet again to help others come to know more about Jesus Christ our Savior. There is no better, more important message on Earth than this, that there is a Savior, a Christ. That Christ lives, that Christ IS. I am very happy with the conversion, understanding, and language abilities that I’ve gained in order to help spread this message to all that I meet. Sembrar means “to sow”. We are sowing gospel seeds all day, every day.

We are progressing here! A less-active family (the Sabo familiy) have come twice now. Mario and Tamara came again! (the couple that needs to get married) They are progressing slowly but surely. I love them!

Love you all!
Elder Orme


August 3, 2015

Thanks Dad.  I’m doing my best to fulfill my calling worthily!  It is a blessing to be here in La Paz.  I plan on giving it my all, leaving everything!

It’s a fun zone, everything really close together.  we have a pair of sister missionaries in our branch, and another branch that meets in our building with 2 other pairs of missionaries.  so we have 2 elder companionships, and 2 sister companionships.  We all see each other a lot. Very different from my other areas where it was only 1 a week when we saw other companionships. Today we organized soccer to play at the church with the youth.

During last week when I arrived to La Paz, I met and we taught investigators Mario and Tamara. Yesterday, this young couple of ours came to church!  Mario (22 years old) and Tamara (19 years old) and their little boy Gerónimo (2 years old).  It was an achievement because Mario had started listening to the missionaries 3 years ago, but had never gone to church.  They came, and so far they have planned to come again next week!  Let’s pray they obtain a deep testimony and a deeper yearning to continue on their spiritual journey.
Last night we had a Family Home Evening here at the church.  A good get together. Tonight we have another family home evening planned with a less-active family.  The theme will be Family Unity, using paper cut out links, each with every family member’s name on each, linking all together to make a great family chain.  And how every member of the family unifies and makes the family stronger.
Our family is SUPER unified and amazing.  I know it’s only through the restored Gospel and how each us individually lives it.
3 mission presidents it is, for once I one-upped Dad in something! :D
Love you a ton,
Elder Orme



We found Rubén in the former investigadores section of the area book.  We’ve had two great lessons, and he came to church yesterday and had a stupendous time.  We look forward to continue working with him.

More news to come with Mario and María Rosa.

I’ve learned a lot this week on the importance of simply inviting.  Keep your baptismal covenants by being a witness of God and Christ in all things, all time, and all places by simply inviting people to learn more about the restored Gospel in some way.  Create conversations of the Gospel by using Mormon words in every day conversations, normally and in a matter-of-fact way.  If someone seems to be interested, find out their interests and tell them how they can learn more through the missionaries. Family, I invite you to offer up your homes as places where the missionaries can teach people.  The next time the missionaries come over, explain that you are willing to hold discussions in the home.

My sister Reagan goes home from her mission in Korea in one week.  I will miss having my missionary buddy.  She’s the best sister I could have.

Adelante y Arriba!

Elder Orme